Music and cars…

Music and cars just go together, making those dreaded errands or commute to work a pleasure. Sasee staffers share what’s in their CD players and why. To hear these music samples and purchase these CDs, visit our “Tune in” list at

Back to Black by Amy Winehouse
Back to Black
By Amy Winehouse

When I need a break from my listening-to-punk repertoire, she complements my play list with dignified grace while delivering each track with fresh breath and raw smack.

– Scott, Graphic Artist/Software Specialist

Daughtry by Chris Daughtry
By Chris Daughtry

Chris Daughtry’s music is very original, and the mood of this collection appeals to me. All of the songs on this CD are energizing, and it is music most everyone would enjoy.

– Andrew, Graphic Artist

Happy Feet the Soundtrack
Happy Feet
Original Soundtrack

I bought this CD after I saw the movie. It is such an upbeat collection with familiar, interesting artists singing feel-good songs. This collection is almost guaranteed to improve a bad mood.

– Taylor, Art Director

Begin to Hope by Regina Spektor
Begin to Hope
By Regina Spektor

My 16 year-old son loves this CD and plays it a lot. I was a little surprised that I loved it too! Regina Spektor’s voice is lovely and the music is happy, but there’s an edge to her that keeps things interesting.

– Leslie, Editor

Esperanto by Rick Braun
By Rick Braun

Rick Braun is a great jazz trumpet player, and I love all of his music. He brings a mood of romance and joy to his music that moves your heart. This collection has hip and Latin-like songs, but others are smooth and relaxing.

– Celia, Senior Account Executive

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