Letter from the Editor: Bonds

June 2007 Cover Quote

At 41 years old, I suddenly became a widow, and life as I knew it ended abruptly. In the space of one phone call, “Come quickly, he’s dead,” I became the single mother of a 10 year-old son and 19 year-old daughter; I was alone and beyond heartbroken. Through the years we had become like trees growing together, our roots entwined, and when his were yanked out without warning, mine very nearly withered and died. But, I survived, and more than that, I learned to live again and became happy. I enjoyed my own company, and that of my children and good friends. Life was rich. I neither wanted nor needed the kind of bond that marriage brings. Then I met a kind and loving man that helped me remember how joyous it is to be in love, and together we discovered the meaning of “us.” Now, I’m putting down new roots and learning that love and marriage are, indeed, just as amazing the second time around.

We have a mix of old and new writers for you this month. Sasee regular, Susan DeBow’s poignant essay, “Baseball on the Radio,” as well as new writer, Rita Richardson’s hilarious thoughts on black pants and why we wear them are waiting for you to enjoy. Congratulations to Carla McCray, our Special Sasee Woman Contest winner. We had so many wonderful entries. Thank you to everyone for sharing the love you have for the special women in your life.

Happy Father’s Day!

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