Meet Kim Fox and Barbara Stanley

June 2007 Candid

When Barbara Stanley, of BLS Consulting, interviewed Kim Fox to collaborate with one of her clients in developing a new franchise, she was thrilled to find a qualified, motivated marketing professional to give her client the service he needed. Even better, Kim and Barbara found they enjoyed working together and genuinely liked each other.

A few months later, during an internet search, Kim stumbled upon The Growth Coach® franchise and became very interested in their Strategic Mindset® business coaching process. After researching The Growth Coach and determining that this was a service needed by many business owners along the Grand Strand, Barbara and Kim bought the franchise for our area and began offering The Growth Coach business coaching in Pawleys Island.

You are both successful businesswomen. Why did you choose to become business coaches?

Kim: Barbara does the actual coaching. I am the one who needed the coaching. I had come to the point in my career where I wanted to take my business to the next level, but I couldn’t slow down long enough to take the steps I needed to make it happen. The Growth Coach program teaches business owners, executives and managers how to become more focused, effective and strategic through coaching and accountability services. Through The Growth Coach I’ve learned that my business does not run me, I run my business. I am working towards a more balanced life, with time for personal as well as professional satisfaction.

Barbara: As a business coach I am able to focus you on improving your performance as a leader and the performance of your business. It is more engaging with the client than consulting. We have day-long workshops quarterly. The program runs for two years for owners and executives and one year for managers. I also do personal coaching to help people begin the process. Sometimes it’s hard to even take one day away from your business at first. The Strategic Mindset process coaches you to work “on” your business instead of “in” your business. After a “quarter 1” workshop begins, no new people are introduced into that group, so the participants become very close and are able to share their concerns.

And personally, why did you two choose to work together?

Barbara: Kim and I share the same values. I was thrilled to find someone to work with that is as committed as I am to doing the best possible job for the client, regardless of the money involved. Kim’s strengths are my weaknesses and vice-versa; we have the same values and beliefs. And, we really do like each other.

Kim: When I met Barbara I knew I had found someone I could work with well. She’s smart and knowledgeable. It helps that we are both type A personalities. I know I can always trust Barbara’s decisions.

For more information about The Growth Coach program, call Barbara at 843-235-9590, e-mail her at or visit

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