Letter from the Editor: Adventure

July 2007 Cover Quote

Many of my friends and co-workers are going, or have been, on wonderful trips recently – traveling to exotic sounding places and doing interesting things like scuba diving, studying birds and just taking in the sights. All of this is wonderful, and I hope to take a trip of my own soon, but what about the rest of the year? Does adventure only enter our lives during those annual vacations? I have come to the realization that, no; an adventure is waiting every morning when I get out of bed. My ordinary day is not ordinary at all; it is a part of this joyous and exciting adventure called life. I hope you enjoy your adventure, every day, not just those few days or weeks a year reserved for vacation!

We have a great issue for you this month. You will find inspiration to step up your workouts in Connie Barnard’s interview with Woofie McClary in “Southern Snaps,” and will understand why Connie and I are both, “Woofie wanna-bes!” You will also meet Ashley Hoffman, who is preparing for the adventure of a lifetime, in “Sasee Gets Candid.” We also have some of your favorite local authors this month, as well as some inspiring new voices.

Please let me know what you are doing this summer. Any great adventures? Write or e-mail me at 1357 21st Ave. N, Suite 102, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577 or editor@sasee.com.

Happy 4th!

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