Letters to the Editor: July 2007

Thank you to all who take time to write and share how you feel about Sasee! Here is just a sample of your letters:

Kudos! Compliments on a great issue (May 2007) …great articles. Best one yet!

…I had my Betty Boop for 18 and a half years before she finally went to glory last November, the day after Thanksgiving… Thank you for sharing your story. I know you miss your Tora as much as I miss my Betty Boop.

I absolutely had to write you regarding your wonderful story of love and compassion… I took the magazine back to New York with me…

Diane, read your article about Tora …and not ashamed to admit it, I cried! Touched my heart and I think everyone who loves pets has been there.

(The preceding letters were written about “Purrrfect,” Diane DeVaughn Stokes’ narrative about her beloved kitty, Tora.)

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