Meet Dee Orr

Five years ago, Sasee premiered her very first issue. Since then, she has been honored to publish the work of many extraordinary writers, some of whom have found their voice though publication in Sasee. One of these is Dee Orr, a regular contributor since Sasee’s beginning.

Aug 2007 Candid

Sitting down over coffee and cake in her Myrtle Beach home, Dee shared her thoughts about her writing and what Sasee has meant to her through the years. “I love the response to my stories. Strangers come up to me sometimes and tell me how much they enjoy my writing. And recently, I found my essay, ‘Bound for Glory,’ taped on the wall in the women’s locker room of our golf club!”

Family is the most important thing in Dee’s life, and her essays highlight the beauty, humor and tragedy of the everyday in an easy, straightforward style. Reading an essay by Dee is much like a visit with an old friend. Dee encourages everyone to write their life stories saying, “We’re the best show in town!”

This month, Dee honored us with this beautiful letter instead of her usual submission. Thank you, Dee, for being a part of Sasee.

A Note of Thanks

When my seventh grade English teacher returned my final essay of the year, she looked very discouraged. I could see a big red C above my name in the heading. Before releasing the paper to my hands she said, “Diane, you will never write more than your name at the bottom of a check.” The prognosis may have been a bit harsh, but at twelve I had no desire to pen the next great novel. Forty-seven years later though, I decided I had signed enough checks and started writing stories about my family and friends. In August of 2002, the publisher and editor of Sasee, Delores Blount, left a message on my home phone that she would like to use one those stories. I’ll never forget the message or the thrill of the moment.

I was sitting in a McDonald’s restaurant in Baltimore, Md., watching my grandson dump a second tub of maple syrup over an already saturated pancake. In less than an hour he would be starting Kindergarten. His mother and I were emotional wrecks – tearing up one moment, sighing with pride the next. Hoping to avoid a complete emotional meltdown between the two of us, hubby suggested I busy myself and call home for messages. There was just one message. It was Delores inviting me to be part of the second issue of Sasee. I stepped outside the restaurant and squealed my happiness, careful not to let my excitement overshadow my grandson’s big day. Little did I know it was a beginning for each of us.

It’s been five years since the premiere of Sasee, and I feel fortunate to have been part of Sasee’s growing success. It’s been a pleasure to work with editors Delores Blount, Margo Millure and now, Leslie Moore. All have been kind and encouraging to a new writer. A special thanks to Taylor Nelson, the graphic artists and the photography staff who add so much to the stories and overall beauty of the magazine, and to Helen Lattimer, whose calm efficiency and friendship make a visit to the office a bright spot in anyone’s day. The Sasee staff has changed little over the years which speaks volumes of their relationships with one another and their working environment, both giving strength to each new issue.

From day one Sasee has provided more than cultural information, beautiful ads, and candid snap-shots of local personalities for the Grand Strand. It has offered women, and men, the opportunity to share their lives and experiences with those close at hand as well as those far from our shores. I have been one of those whose life has been enriched by the experience. So to the visionaries and the publisher, I wish to say thank you for giving all contributing artists and writers our moments in the sun. It has been so much fun. To the entire Sasee staff Congratulations and Happy Fifth Anniversary!

Most sincerely,
Dee Orr

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