Letter from the Editor: Confidence

October 2007 Cover Quote

I have struggled with self-confidence issues off and on for most of my life, as have the majority of the women I know. I’ve asked for, and received, a ton of advice, most of it good, but the one thing that has helped me the most is remarkably simple. I shift the focus from how I feel to how others feel. Will my self-conscious behavior make others uncomfortable? Is there someone who is (maybe) more uncomfortable that I am? Reaching out always makes me feel better and reminds me that underneath it all, we are mostly the same.

We have some confidence-building essays and features for you this month. Please take the time to read a few, and let me know your favorite. I’ll leave you with a quote from Donna Skeen, a very Sasee woman, who is featured in this month’s “Southern Snaps.”

“Girl friends are GOOD…family is GOOD…life is GOOD.”


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