Cover Artist: Cherie Bender

Cover Artist: Cherie Bender
Cherie Bender

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun! by Cherie Bender, is one of the artist’s favorite fantasy paintings, influenced by a winter sojourn to London, England, two years ago. In the painting, the fairy in the winter garden looks up at the tiny dragon, and invites him to play with her. She holds a deco ball, which is turquoise, as is her chiffon gown. Turquoise is the color for the heart center and healing. The flowers are pansies, Cherie’s very favorite fall and winter flower.

Cherie’s art has many dimensions, from large wall murals to fine art paintings and commissioned works. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun! is very close to her heart. She creates these fantasies purely for the joy of painting. Cherie has been an artist since childhood and grew up in Edinburgh, Scotland. She attended Art Center in California and received her BFA from the University of Miami.

The turn of the twentieth century through the 1920s is Cherie’s favorite time in history, and although she does not limit her style, she interprets Art Deco Expression in a modern feminine voice with an understanding of spirituality, beauty and positive vision for today’s world. Contact the artist through her website,

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