Letter from the Editor: Memories

November 2007 Cover Quote

In this issue, our writers and staff have penned, photographed and chronicled many things that call forth memories. But, for me, it has always been music. Put Vivaldi’s Four Seasons in the CD player, and I am instantly transported back to my years of piano lessons and learning to love classical music. That’s a good memory. Another good one comes whenever I hear Thom Yorke sing any of his hauntingly beautiful songs. My daughter and I traveled to Atlanta to see Radiohead in concert for her birthday one year, and I fell in love with Radiohead, and saw my baby as an adult for the very first time. I’ll always treasure that special memory. Not all of my music memories are good ones. Some Christmas carols send me spiraling into sadness. I’m not really sure why, but it must be buried somewhere in my psyche. I think for many music lovers, life really does have a soundtrack and nothing brings a memory rushing forth like that certain song.

Most of us remember a time when we had our hearts broken. Maybe, like me, it was your first love in high school who left you cold for another, more popular, girl. Whatever or whoever it was, we would like to know how you managed to mend your broken heart. What did you do to get over him? In ‘Sasee Woman Contest’, find the details and how you could win a spa gift certificate for sharing your story. We will print the best ones in our February 2008 issue.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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