Jennifer’s Sasee Book Club

By Jennifer Borchers

If you’ve ever considered starting a book club, call your girlfriends and form one today! Sasee is introducing a book club specifically for the women who read this magazine. Whether you like the humor and romance of paperbacks or the language and structure of literary novels, I have a book for you!

Each month I’ll recommend two books about topics that Sasee women are interested in. One book will be popular, and one will be literary. I will personally guarantee that both will be exceptional! This month I am recommending two books that reinforce the idea that no one will ever love you like your girlfriends. The funerals of Annie Freeman and Sula Peace are testaments to the truth behind those words.

Annie Freeman’s Fabulous Traveling Funeral
Annie Freeman’s Fabulous Traveling Funeral
by Kris Radish

Annie Freeman’s Fabulous Traveling Funeral, is a delightful story about sisterhood, second chances, and endless possibilities. Kris Radish writes about a woman, named Annie, whose last request is that her four best friends take her ashes on a traveling funeral across the country. These four women begin their journey hopeless and heart-broken, but through Annie’s miraculous and fabulous plan, each emerges as a powerful individual. This book is about the relationships that women have only with other women.

by Toni Morrison

Sula, is a striking and elegant novel written by one of America’s greatest authors, Toni Morrison. It is the tale of two women who grow up together in a small town and love each other through all of their painful experiences. Nel becomes a conventional homemaker, and Sula becomes a rebellious tramp. When Sula dies, Nel is the only person at the funeral to grieve for her. Sula’s family and neighbors forget that she was once a loveable person. This is a powerful story about friendship, despair, poverty, grief and guilt.

Whether you read these novels with a book club or on your own, consider these questions as you follow either story: Is it possible for people who live very different lives to remain friends? Can you continue to love someone even if they change on you? Can a man ever understand a woman the way women understand each other? What defines a family?

There’s a world of fun and adventure inside books. Embark on a journey today and discover that world. Tune in to Sasee each month and read along with me.

About this writer

  • Jennifer Borchers Jennifer Borchers is a frequent visitor to Myrtle Beach. As an Upstate resident, she looks forward to spending her vacation time at the shore and among her favorite haunts along the Grand Strand. Jennifer is a senior at Converse College and will receive a BA in English in 2008. She lives in Greer with her husband and two children.

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