Jennifer’s Sasee Book Club (Feb. 2008)

By Jennifer Borchers

Is there a wrong time to fall in love? Mike Noonan and Frederick Henry would certainly say there is. Both Mike and Frederick fall in love while their lives are in turmoil, and the women they love pay the price.

Bag of Bones
Bag of Bones
by Stephen King

Bag of Bones is a captivating mystery written by the ever-popular Stephen King, and this sprawling thriller is surprisingly romantic. Mike Noonan, the main character, is a grieving widower who dearly loved his wife, Jo. While trying to uncover the mystery behind her death, Mike falls in love with a single mother, Mattie, and her little girl, Kayla. Mike is drawn to Mattie and Kayla because he discovers that they are mixed up in the same mystery he is trying to unravel. Even though Mike is up to his neck in trouble he follows his heart right into Mattie and Kayla’s problems. This is a powerfully imaginative story filled with natural and supernatural characters. It will capture your attention on the first page, and hold it all the way to the last.

A Farewell to Arms
A Farewell to Arms
by Ernest Hemingway

A Farewell to Arms is a classic anti-war novel written by the legendary Ernest Hemingway. This tragic romance is set during WWI in Italy. Frederick Henry is an American ambulance driver who enlists in the Italian army. His combat experiences leave him cynical and callous, but an impetuous English nurse named Catherine Barkley awakens a passion in Frederick that gets him through difficult times. After the German forces break the Italian line, Frederick and Catherine find themselves in grave danger and must escape to Switzerland to be safe. This novel contains strong war scenes, but it also contains vivid expressions of loyalty, honor, courage, faith, romance, and love.

While reading either of these novels, consider these questions:

Would the outcome(s) have been different if the main character turned away from love?

Should one wait for the perfect time to fall in love?

Does each person have just one soul mate, or does true love come twice?

What, underneath all the drama, is really bothering the main character(s)?

Love is a basic element in the human experience, so romance can be found in every book genre. Read great novels with Sasee and discover romance in surprising places.

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