Letter from the Editor: Be Smart With Your Heart

February 2008 Cover Quote

The word “heart” is used to express nearly all aspects of the human experience. Think about the phrase, “didn’t have the heart,” used to convey a lack of courage, but then consider that “take heart” means to gain courage. You “set your heart” on what you want, and “cross your heart” to express sincerity, but you “eat your heart out” when you’re sad and “have your heart in your throat” when you’re anxious. The list of idioms goes on and on. So, if you’re feeling sad or “downhearted,” “take heart,” and soon your “heart will soar” again!

We have a lot of “heartfelt” essays for you in our “Be Smart with Your Heart” issue. Some of your favorite writers are back, along with some fresh new faces, all with stories that we believe will inspire, amuse and entertain you.

Congratulations to Tracy Brooks of Myrtle Beach on winning our, “How Did You Mend Your Broken Heart?” contest. And, thank you to all who entered! If you haven’t visited our website lately, please take the time to log on to www.sasee.com. It’s a beautiful site, and in the months to come new features will appear exclusively on the web.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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