Meet Dr. Ariane Lieberman

Cardiologist Ariane Lieberman is known throughout our community as a caring and dedicated physician. Her practice, Inlet Cardiopulmonary and Associates, is a thriving group of five cardiologists, two pulmonologists, one neurologist and two nurse practitioners. In honor of “Get Smart with Your Heart” month, Dr. Lieberman agreed to take a few minutes out of her busy schedule for a visit with Sasee.

February 2008 Candid

Your husband, Dr. Craig Lieberman, is also a cardiologist and in practice with you. Is it confusing to have two Dr. Liebermans in the same office?

Sometimes it gets a little hectic! Our patients call us Drs. Lieberwoman and Lieberman or some variation of that theme. We met during our fellowship training when he was my senior fellow, and my friends and colleagues were surprised that I didn’t keep my maiden name when we married, but I am a little more traditional.

Why did you choose cardiology?

Honestly? Because I was told I couldn’t do it because I was a woman. That made me determined to do it and do it well. I applied for a fellowship at Albert Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia and, at that time, they only took one woman every three years. I was determined to be that woman. Today, of course, more women are admitted to the program.

Do you have enough time for yourself and your family?

Not really! My husband came to the area two years before I did. When I moved here, he was a part of another practice, so I decided to start my own, which he joined four years later. For awhile, I was on call practically 24/7. It was rough. Now with a larger group, the call is MUCH better but the days are still long.

What do you do to relax?

I spend a lot of time with my 8 year-old son, Mace. I also own and ride a Harley Davidson motorcycle, and enjoy attending bike week activities. Now, two of my staff are learning to ride! And, yes, I always wear a helmet. The whole family loves fishing, boating and skiing. Karate keeps me fit, and I spend some time on the treadmill, also. Another love of mine is acting, and I perform at the Strand Theatre in Georgetown.

Any advice for our readers on being “smart with their heart?”

Heart disease is the nation’s number one killer of both men and women. Women, however, frequently do not exhibit symptoms in a typical manner. They tend to ignore or minimize their symptoms, often presenting for treatment late. People should become aware of important modifiable risk factors to safeguard their health.

Inlet Cardiopulmonary and Associates has two offices on the south end of the Strand. You can reach them by calling 843-235-3131, or 843-652-4800.

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