Jennifer’s Sasee Book Club (Mar. 2008)

By Jennifer Borchers

Many of you began 2008 with resolutions. While you think about a new you in this new year, consider forgiving someone. As Miles and Quoyle will show you, starting over begins with forgiveness.

In the two novels I’ve selected for this issue, Miles must find a way to forgive the man who killed his wife, and Quoyle must learn to forgive a father who never loved him.

A Bend in the Road
A Bend in the Road
by Nicholas Sparks

A Bend in the Road, by Nicholas Sparks, is a touching romance that ends with an unexpected twist. Miles Ryan is sheriff of New Bern and a single parent. He recently lost his wife in a hit-and-run accident, and is struggling to adjust to a life without her. Miles is devastated when he learns that his son, Jonah, is having difficulty in school. But Miles finds hope when Sarah Andrews, a second-grade teacher, volunteers to tutor Jonah. Miles soon falls in love with Sarah, but discovers that he can’t begin a new life with her until he forgives the man who ruined his old life.

The Shipping News
The Shipping News
by Annie Proulx

The Shipping News, by Annie Proulx, sweeps you away to the icy tundra of Newfoundland and introduces you to Quoyle, a lost soul searching for acceptance and a place to raise his two daughters, Bunny and Sunshine. Quoyle follows his Aunt to Newfoundland, the place of his ancestors, after his wife is killed in a car accident. In this strange new world, full of fascinating characters, Quoyle discovers a talent for writing, a community to raise his daughters and a love that enables him to forgive his father for causing so much pain.

Like the characters in these novels, each of us must face loss and grief. By discussing these novels, we can learn things about ourselves and our relationships. Use the following questions to lead your discussions about A Bend in the Road or The Shipping News: Does the main character change after his wife dies? What motivates the main character? Is it necessary for the main character to forgive in order to get what he wants? How do the children affect the outcome? Can anyone experience love without pain?

Reading enlightening stories about other people inspires us to reflect upon our own lives. Read remarkable novels with Sasee and discover yourself.

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  • Jennifer Borchers Jennifer Borchers is a frequent visitor to Myrtle Beach. As an Upstate resident, she looks forward to spending her vacation time at the shore and among her favorite haunts along the Grand Strand. Jennifer is a senior at Converse College and will receive a BA in English in 2008. She lives in Greer with her husband and two children.

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