Cover Artist: Nicole Wong

Sasee Cover Artist
Double Take
by Nicole Wong

Nicole Wong was born in Fall River, Massachusetts. With both parents in the arts, as a child she never thought of becoming anything except an artist. As she grew up, she wanted to learn more, and graduated from RISD with a BFA in illustration. Always the student, Nicole still continues to explore different media and techniques, like collage, photography and oil painting by continuing to take art classes. Currently, she is branching into teaching in RISD’s continuing education program.

Nicole is happily a full-time illustrator of children’s books. In her spare time, she explores more personal ideas and subjects through oil paintings and drawings. She continues to live in Fall River with her husband, two sleepy kitties and two hyper-active pups.

Contact the artist by calling 508-324-0953 or e-mailing See more of her work at or visit her eBay store,

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