Jennifer’s Sasee Book Club (May 2008)

By Jennifer Borchers

Luck has a way of affecting our attitudes. The thing is luck’s true nature is to change. The simple truth in those words brought peace to Anicius Boethius over a thousand years ago and to Harold Kushner in the 20th century.

When Bad Things Happen to Good People
When Bad Things Happen to Good People
by Harold S. Kushner

When Bad Things Happen to Good People is a lovely book written by the rabbi Harold S. Kushner. In this book the rabbi explains that God is good, and He wants good people to live happy lives. Kushner tells us that bad things happen because mankind has created chaos, and sometimes the chaos claims innocent victims. The rabbi reassures the reader that bad luck is not punishment from God. This is a moving and inspirational book that may offer peace to people who are looking for answers.

The Consolation of Philosophy
The Consolation of Philosophy
by Anicius Boethius

The Consolation of Philosophy is a masterpiece written by the Roman philosopher Anicius Boethius, and translated by Victor Watts. It is widely read by people who wonder about that thing we call luck. Boethius calls it fortune, and wonders why good men suffer bad fortune. Boethius encounters a spirit named Philosophy who tells him that Fortune is an evil spirit. Philosophy says that Fortune’s true nature is to change, and that people who call on Fortune must accept the good with the bad. Boethius realizes that it is God he should call on when he is seeking good favor, not Fortune. This book is a beautiful combination of prose and poetry.

While you’re reading these books and contemplating the meaning of it all, consider these questions. Does the idea that God does not cause bad things to happen conflict with your beliefs? Do you ever associate good luck with God and bad luck with evil? Can you love your God even when He does not grant you special favors? How did reading this book make you feel?

Books magically spread joy from the author to the reader, and then from one reader to another as they are passed around. Share your books, share your positive attitude and keep tuning-in to Sasee for more recommendations.

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