Whirling Passions

By Kim Alden Mallin

Bulletin-immediate broadcast requested… Hurricane Frances local statement…national weather service, Charleston, SC… tropical storm frances strengthens… a hurricane warning is now in effect for the following counties… Charleston, Georgetown and Horry…

A normal person would start to get nervous with above forecast…not me. Guess I’m not normal…hmmm, what a surprise.

Anyway, I’m not talking about a Category 3 or above hurricane, who needs a disaster? I’m talking about one of those wild, steamy, sultry, waves crashing and thunder booming storms. Man, talk about steamy…my libido goes wild! Something about all of that raw exposed natural power. Nothing enraptures me more, making me want to light those scented candles and strip down to my best lingerie quicker than thunder, lightning or wild tempestuous winds.

My husband and I had been dating several months when he discovered this little carnal secret of mine. It wasn’t during a hurricane or a tropical storm, it wasn’t even a particularly hard rainstorm, probably just a typical April shower, but it sure did get me all hot – although at the beginning of relationships anything can get you hot, right? My husband is no dummy; he promptly went out and bought a CD titled Storm Sounds…60 minutes of torrential downpours, claps of thunder and blustery squalling winds. He actually brought it along on our last trip to the Grove Park Inn. I didn’t think the Grove Park experience could get any better, but it did. Try combining a day spent under the spa waterfalls, floating in the mineral pool, and a romantic couple’s massage with a little storm action. It doesn’t get any better than that!

I’m not sure what it is about storms that make me want to crawl in the bed and luxuriate in all of my senses. The feel of water, soaking in warm, silky, lavender or ginger scented bathwater, the salty, sandy water sprays from the ocean hitting my sunburnt skin. I love how everything smells so fresh and clean right before a big storm. And that quiet before the storm. The way thunderstorms begin with a palpable electrical charge in the air – a slightly metallic taste or sensation. How flashes of lightening outline the streaky rivulets that rain makes running down the windows, the house shaking with the loud crashes of thunder. Our old house had an almost musical tin roof. I miss the way it magnified the rain but we do have skylights here, and they aren’t bad either. And wind chimes. Don’t forget the wind chimes – did you ever see Body Heat with William Hurt and Kathleen Turner? Now that’s what I’m talking about.

I guess that covers all the senses except taste…all I’ll say about that is don’t drink the rainwater. I once got a parasite by doing that and had to spend the last days of my honeymoon close by the toilet.

Enough about that.

You’ll notice I said crawl into the bed and luxuriate. Maybe I’m getting old but I’ll take 600 count sheets over a sandy blanket anytime. Although, my husband and I did journey out onto the beach during the last storm, and it was truly exhilarating. The frothing waves were pounding the shore, and the tempestuous wind was raging! I tried to suggest a little outdoor storm action but he was more interested in playing “Storm Watch weatherman.” You know what I mean, imitating Jim Cantore struggling to stand straight with the sideways rain pelting him while making inane comments like “don’t try this at home.”

OK, let’s be honest, I was actually the one playing weatherman, and he was the one making lurid suggestions – it seems that my passion has rubbed off on him.

Well, hurricane season does come every year. And we can always visit, or even move, to some tropical rain forest where there are multiple opportunities for acting out my storm fetish. My husband is a lucky man.

…Frances continues moving westward as a strong category 1 hurricane…hurricane force winds extend outward up to 70 miles… 110 km… from the center…and tropical storm force winds extend outward up to 180 miles… 290 km. For storm information specific to your area…please monitor products issued by your local weather office. The next advisory will be issued by the national hurricane center at 11 pm.

About this writer

  • Kim Alden Mallin Taking a break from her life as a family doc in Charleston S.C, Kim Alden Mallin is currently living in Antigua with her husband, teaching at the American University of Antigua School of Medicine. Her days off are spent scuba diving, writing and improving her road race times by running up the hills of Antigua.

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One Response to “Whirling Passions”

  1. Patricia Harris says:

    “You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes… you get what you need.” (Rolling Stones,) “You never know what you got until it is gone” Kimmy It is nice to see you published again

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