Jennifer’s Sasee Book Club (Sept. 2008)

By Jennifer Borchers

Women love the idea of a makeover. We can always find something wrong with either our bodies or our lives. Addy Lipton and Edna Pontellier decide that their lives need total makeovers and each woman disrupts the social order of an entire town to get one.

earching for Paradise in Parker, PA
Searching for Paradise in Parker, PA
by Kris Radish

Searching for Paradise in Parker, PA is a funny novel by Kris Radish. This novel tells the story of Addy Lipton, a fifty-something-year-old teacher who is stuck in a lifeless marriage. Addy craves excitement and fantasizes about driving through her garage door just to shake things up a little. Just before she leaves on a last-resort romantic getaway with her husband, fate steps right in front of that garage door and changes their marriage forever. Addy’s life gets a complete makeover, but not before she involves everyone in Parker, Pa.

The Awakening
The Awakening
by Kate Chopin

The Awakening, by Kate Chopin, is one of America’s first feminist novels. Written in 1899, this novel tells the story of a wealthy woman who is unhappy as a wife and a mother. Edna Pontellier is not a mother-woman. She does not have natural maternal instincts or domestic talent. Edna enjoys art, but she lives in an era when artists are men and women have no other role than to be someone’s wife, then someone’s mother. Edna decides to make changes in her life, but New Orleans in 1899 is not ready for the type of changes Edna has in mind.

Consider these questions while reading Searching for Paradise in Parker, PA or The Awakening: Should a woman stay in an unhappy marriage? Should a woman stay to raise her children even if she does not enjoy being a mother? Is there always a way to fix a broken relationship? Are women oblivious to the way men worry about relationships? Are women expected to sacrifice more to make a marriage work?

Women have been writing about the struggles that only women face for a very long time. Reading literature by female authors, from historical time periods, give us insight into a world before the 19th Amendment. Read historical novels with Sasee and remember the women who made it all possible.

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  • Jennifer Borchers Jennifer Borchers is a frequent visitor to Myrtle Beach. As an Upstate resident, she looks forward to spending her vacation time at the shore and among her favorite haunts along the Grand Strand. Jennifer is a senior at Converse College and will receive a BA in English in 2008. She lives in Greer with her husband and two children.

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