Cover Artist: Holly Sierra

Cover Artist: Holly Sierra
by Holly Sierra

Whether wandering through the forest or an ancient crumbling castle, Holly Sierra finds inspiration everywhere. Having lived for six years in Asia, she attempts to mix her marvelous multicultural memories with themes that influence and fascinate her today. With her endless penchant for detail, Holly hopes to encourage others to see life as she does – a tapestry of color, design, beauty and light.

Holly’s formal art training was at SUNY, School of Fine Arts in N.Y. She has recently illustrated seven books in J.H. Sweet’s The Fairy Chronicles series for young girls. Holly also hopes to introduce her newest goddess and wildlife paintings into the calendar and greeting card arena. She lives in Myrtle Beach with her family and a multitude of pets! Please visit Holly’s website at or contact her about giclee prints at

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3 Responses to “Cover Artist: Holly Sierra”

  1. This is a beautiful picture. The effects are so real you can almost breath taking

  2. Abby says:

    OK. Bless you on your mission.,lucy

  3. Fareeha says:

    love your blog Wonderful post.,lucy

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