Meet Rhonda Todd

Meet Rhonda Todd

When you walk into Salon VIP, where Rhonda Todd is a nail technician, laughter is the first sound you hear – Rhonda’s laughter. For fifteen years, Rhonda has been making her customers feel special by providing not only manicures and pedicures, but kindness and a liberal dose of humor. Her customers love her. One says that if she’s upset or worried, after a visit with Rhonda she forgets what was bothering her. Rhonda doles out “Moments of Zen” peppered with fun and true compassion for others.

A native of Myrtle Beach, Rhonda graduated from Myrtle Beach High School and attended Coastal Carolina University. She and her husband, Willie, recently built a house in Surfside Beach, where they live with their six year-old son, Jackson, and dog, Sampson.

Rhonda, why did you decide to become a nail technician?

I love talking to people. Actually I think I’m a therapist, but I’m not! I’ve had some of the same customers for years, and we’re friends. Giving manicures and pedicures is a very intimate thing to do, and people share the details of their lives with me. I even send texts to my customers when I’m on vacation.

This is a fun job. I actually decided to go to school to become a nail technician when I was having my nails done. I wanted to be in a salon all day and talk to people. It’s important to me that my customers enjoy coming to see me. I have to be “on” all the time. If I was in a bad mood, it would affect my customer’s experience.

What should people look for in a nail technician?

Well, of course, the salon should be clean and welcoming. But, most importantly, you want to like being with the person who’s doing your nails. We all need to be pampered and feel special. My afternoon clients always get a glass of wine before we start – and I have one with them!

What do you do when you’re not working?

I love to cook and am a part of a cooking club. And, I belong to a book club; we’re not reading anything now, but I’m reading Twilight on my own. We also spend a lot of time on the beach with our son – spending time with him is my favorite thing to do.

Contact Rhonda at 843-997-5883.

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