How Did You Find Love?

How Did You Find Love?

Thank you to all of our Sasee readers who shared their wonderful stories of love! Here are a few of the submissions we received.

After being pursued by a co-worker, Tammy Trulove told her suitor not to bother her unless he could give her three carats…and this is what happened.

A few days went by and I opened my office door to find a brown paper bag on my desk and inside was a note, “I have gone you one better, here are four carrots,” and to my surprise, there were four carrots inside the bag. Well, what could I do? I knew he had done more than I had asked, and I must reciprocate.

He left a message in a bottle asking me to dinner. A few days later, we went to dinner. I am happy to say that it has been almost three years, and I have found “true love.” To think, it all started with four carrots.

Lori Pharr moved here from Michigan in 1985 and hated it! She found a job in the former Outlet Park and accepted a date with the assistant manager. One date is all it took…

On our first date we went to see the Temptations at the Spanish Galleon. We had so much fun that we went back to the second show that night. After that night, we were never apart. Gene and I became engaged in March or May of 1986 (memory’s going), got married on August 8th of 1987 and had our first baby in May of 1989. Whew! All of that in four years. I thought he had the cutest little butt I had ever seen. And you know what? He still does!

Anita Minervino found love on the back of a Harley Davidson motorcycle, pursuing her dream of riding in the famous Sturgis, South Dakota, motorcycle rally. After stopping on the side of the road to put on her jacket, another motorcycle stopped for the same reason. As they were talking, she learned that this handsome rider was also from the Carolinas and pursuing his dream of riding his Harley coast to coast! They parted ways to complete their dreams, but exchanged phone numbers…

Daily phone conversations led to a plan. Ken left the west coast and rode east. I left the east coast and rode west. Three days later, we met outside of St. Louis, Missouri, once again “on the side of the road” where we embarked on the adventure of a lifetime. This was the beginning of our journey together – logging more than 5,000 miles through seven states, sharing moments and making memories that most people only dream of. We arrived back in North Myrtle Beach in late August and have been magically in love ever since. Call it fate, call it destiny or simply believe that God works in mysteriously wonderful ways.

While going through a divorce, Mary Chestnut moved into a condo and found a friend in her next door neighbor. They were just friends until…

The first Valentine’s Day we spent together, I wrote him a poem about what I felt was my journey in finding him. He had nicknamed me “Butterfly,” because I’m always flitting around, so that was the name of my poem. I took a chance and submitted my poem to the International Society of Poets. They loved it and published it!

…If two souls were meant to be,
you and I can clearly see.
The harmony in our hearts will love forever…
(excerpt from “Butterfly”)

All submissions were edited for space.

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