Cover Artist: Deborah Cavenaugh

Cover Artist: Deborah Cavenaugh

Deborah Cavenaugh is a self-taught artist. She began painting on Mother’s Day in 1992 after her children presented her with a box of watercolors they bought in a toy store.

Today, Deborah has had over 75 shows. Galleries from Maine to Florida have hosted her work. Her original art hangs in private collections across the country and in many foreign countries. Deborah paints comfortable scenes and familiar images from life as we know it. Deborah’s watercolors are colorful and complicated. She is known for the sayings she writes on each and every piece – sayings, Deborah says, are “all about making life a little easier, a little more joyful, and helping us all to recognize that on any day, while the list of all that is going wrong could be written down, the list of all that is going right could never be finished.”

To see more of Deborah’s work, or to contact the artist, visit her website,

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