Meet Kandi Fleming Jones

By Leslie Moore

Women of Character: Kandi Fleming Jones

Meet Kandi Fleming Jones, Assistant Principal of the Academy of Arts, Science and Technology, and Sasee “Woman of Character”

This month’s “Woman of Character” was nominated by Brittany Gardner, an 11th grader at the Academy of Arts, Science and Technology, and a student in the “Connect” program, an accelerated high school program for students who have fallen behind in middle school. The following is an excerpt from her nomination letter:

The role model I look up to is Mrs. Jones…Mrs. Jones was there through my rough times in the past year. I could always talk to her and trust her no matter what we talked about. Throughout this, Mrs. Jones was the one to understand my situation and how it has affected school and my attitude. She showed me I do not have to be the same as I had been in the past. I can change and break the cycles for the future of my life. She provided happiness that never went away and always brightened my day no matter what kind of mood I was in. She has a peace that always surrounds her, which I like. I would like people to say that about me. School was an escape for me, and I knew that when I came to school Mrs. Jones cared about me. My being able to have this relationship was not a mistake, because God puts people in our lives to help us.

Kandi Fleming-Jones, as Assistant Principal, handles all the discipline concerns at the school, but sees these problems as opportunities to do better. She truly cares about the welfare of her students and even makes home visits on occasion. We agree with Brittany that there is a “peace surrounding her” and are proud to honor her as April’s “Woman of Character.”

Kandi, why did you choose a career in education?

Well, that goes back a long way. When I graduated from high school, I wanted to be a missionary, and I went to college to pursue that, but some things happened that led me to be in education. It became clear to me that God wanted education to be my mission.

What gives you that connection with young people?

I have children of my own, and I can remember being a student. One of the things that helps me connect with our students is that I realize that every day is another chance, and I let my students know that they can start over and change their direction.

Is there one experience that really stands out in your mind? Something you’ll never forget?

There are always students that you see at the beginning of the year and think; they are not going to make it unless something happens. I have a lot of great moments, but when I see a student really get it – they have that “aha” moment and realize, “I do need this, I can do this;” those are the most gratifying.

How do you keep yourself motivated?

The students motivate me. I love being here every day. This is not a job that I wake up and dread going to. I like being here and really enjoy the students. I love being able to make a difference. When I have to be out of school it’s so nice to come back and hear them say, “We missed you!”

Tell us a little about yourself?

I enjoy the beach and during the summer months that’s where you’ll find me. I have a two-year old daughter that I spend a lot of time with, and I really love to clean. I know that sounds crazy, but keeping things neat and organized is a favorite hobby of mine.

Brittany will graduate from the “Connect” program at the school next year and plans a career in the Air Force.

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Every Day is Another Chance

Together we will celebrate and honor Women of Character throughout 2009.

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