Dr. Jerry Guanciale on the Latest in Laser Techniques

Q: Dr. Guanciale, there seems to be so many plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery techniques emerging today. What are your recommendations to Sasee readers on the ones that are the least invasive with the best results?

A: If a patient is looking for the least invasive procedure producing the best results possible, I would suggest my new Sciton® laser system. Lasers have evolved over time. Traditionally, there had to be a different laser machine used for each treatment… until now.

Before and After

Sciton®, the only company in the US that develops and produces medical lasers, has come up with a solution… multiple lasers in one machine used to address multiple cosmetic procedures such as varicose veins treatment, hair removal, wrinkle reduction, Roasacea reduction, skin tightening, scar removal, body contouring, age & sun spot removal, and more.

For patients who wish to turn back the time by reversing skin damage, softening wrinkles, and tightening the skin, resurfacing lasers are most effective. I use a Sciton® Contour™, the Sciton® SkinTyte™, and the Sciton® BBL™ laser system. The Contour™ is a laser that fires in a grid pattern to remove thin layers of your skin’s surface which is then replaced by younger skin growth. The Sciton® Contour™ has the ability to treat all types of skin tones from varying ethnicities which makes it unique to competing lasers. The SkinTyte™ offers a non-ablative approach to firmer, youthful skin by using broadband light energy to deeply heat dermal collagen which initiates the body’s natural creation of renewed collagen leading to increased skin firmness. The BBL™ uses broadband light to treat skin conditions associated with aging, active life-styles, and sun damage. Using the Sciton® system will result in rejuvenated, refreshed, younger looking skin, but without the prolonged pain and down-time that many other lasers produce.

When considering liposuction, using different types of energy sources like ultrasound and laser have been used in the past. But now, we use high pressure water to “liquefy” the fat. This allows the use of smaller instruments to remove the fat resulting in reduced down-time, incision sites, and therefore, scars. My office uses the Sciton® ProLipo™ laser body contouring system which combines high powered energy sources and two different types of laser beams. One wave treats the fat and the other treats the water in the tissues causing the skin to “shrink.” The ProLipo™ system is extremely effective for areas with excess fat and skin such as the neck, arms, abdomen, waist and thighs.

It is easy for patients to be enticed by the advertisements only, but it is important to do your research. Be sure to understand the benefits of a new procedure over the conventional approach. If your doctor is not trained to do a cosmetic procedure, such as liposuction, the conventional way and only offers the “latest technology,” you might want to reconsider your choice in service. Choose a surgeon trained in cosmetic or plastic surgery with experience in tried and true techniques before you become a “victim” of a new technique.

To schedule a complementary consultation with Dr. Jerry Guanciale, contact his office at 843-995-5005 or his website at www.YourJourneyToBeauty.com, for more information. Be sure to check out the “online specials” for savings on the Sciton® laser treatments and more! Dr. Guanciale’s office is located at 1275 21st Avenue North in Myrtle Beach, SC.

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