Meet Julia Floyd

Meet Julia Floyd

This month’s “Woman of Character” was nominated by Renee Windham. Renee told us that Julia is a devoted volunteer with a sense of fun that makes every event she plans something special. The following is an excerpt from her nomination letter:

I would like to nominate Julia Floyd. She gives countless hours of her time (probably 20+ weekly) VOLUNTEERING at Pawleys Island Presbyterian Church. She’s the Children’s Choir Director and is always organizing activities for the children and youth, such as Vacation Bible School, since we don’t have a Director of Christian Education. She has taken it upon herself to do this so our children feel like they are important in our church. She organizes service projects, such as Scavenger hunts for the kids to collect items for Baskervill, CASA or whoever is in need. She also cooks for shut-ins quite often. I could go on and on but could never list all the things she does for others in our community. She is a GREAT candidate for a Woman of Character!

How did you and Renee meet?

When I first started attending Pawleys Island Presbyterian Church, Renee was working with our Mother’s Morning Out program, and we met. We got to know each other better through a “girl’s night out” group.

How did you get started volunteering?

Molly, our then Christian Education Director, came to me and asked me to help with the youth. Then, later on, Renee asked me to help with the children’s choir. Although I had said that I would never work with the children, only the youth, after I got to know them I realized there were not enough activities to keep them involved. Since Molly left, I’ve mostly taken over her job as a volunteer. I do Vacation Bible School in the summer and plan year-round activities for the children and youth. I have even started a Christmas and Easter Bible School.

I also take food to people when someone gets sick or there’s a death in the family. And, I’ve recently done fundraisers for CASA and the Baskervill food pantry, and we do the Shoebox ministry every Christmas. Recently, I’ve joined the Habitat for Humanity Family Selection committee.

What keeps you motivated?

The children keep me motivated. I helped the little ones make cookies to take to our shut-ins recently. It was so much fun watching those children make cookies – we did get a few egg shells in the mix though!

What do you do for fun and relaxation?

I enjoy walking my dogs. I read a lot, and I love Big Brother – I’m hooked on that show! And, I love to cook.

You work nearly full time as a volunteer. Why?

If I took any salary it would become a job. This is not a job, it’s fun!

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