Letter from the Editor: Masquerade

By Leslie Moore

Letter from the Editor: Masquerade

Several years ago I was out to dinner with a group of my girlfriends. We were all dressed in our cute summer clothes, and, all of a sudden, I noticed something that every single one of them had that I didn’t – cleavage! Flat as a pancake my entire life, that night started me thinking about making a change. A year later, I did it. There’s not nearly enough room here for the entire story, but let me tell you it’s not an easy transformation. It hurt like you can not believe, and by the time I was healed and released from the doctor’s care, I had lost all of my modesty. Every time I went for a checkup the entire staff would come in the room and admire my new attributes, while the good doctor poked and prodded – and, they take pictures! Finally, I got through it and loved my new look. Since then I’ve talked to many women who’ve either reduced or augmented their breasts – these things are important to us! So, whether or not you’ve had yours surgically enhanced, please take the time this month to make your mammogram appointment. And afterward, put on that low cut top and show a little cleavage!

Happy Halloween,

Find out who you are and do it on purpose.

About this writer

  • Leslie Moore Leslie Moore is the editor for Strand Media Group. A 25 year resident of Pawleys Island, she is blessed with a life filled with the love of family and friends and satisfying work to do every day.

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One Response to “Letter from the Editor: Masquerade”

  1. Judythe Guarnera says:

    I admire your frankness about your breast augmentation surgery. Having had a mastectomy 10 years ago, I considered reconstructive surgery. After the trauma of my surgery, I decided that I had no desire to go through the steps of reconstruction. Do I wish now I had. Not really. If wishes worked, I would wish that the mastectomy had never happened.

    We each make our choices. I had a husband who supported my decision, whatever it might have been. Probably the biggest hassle is that of wearing a prosthesis, which shifts too easily and results in straps sliding off my shoulders, which is not a comfortable situation.

    Glad your new look has worked for you.

    One of your submitters,
    Judythe Guarnera

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