Cover Artist: Bobby Bagley

Hold Steady Without Wavering

Cover Artist: Bobby Bagley

Bobby Bagley’s art is directly inspired by the unique people of the South. He is driven by the many images, ideals and emotions that he encountered growing up there. More than just individual pieces connected by style and artist, his works represent stories related to each other by a reality of underlying depth, purpose and personal experience. Each piece recreates human drama within the borders of its canvas. Bagley’s strongest memories of childhood are the stories his grandfather knew and his grandfather knew before him. It is his desire to interpret these stories through an objective retelling through the eyes of the African pilgrims of the South. Pride, anguish, peace and joy are emotions that humanity experiences in ways unique to each culture. He deals with these universal emotions in an African American context.

Throughout Bagley’s life, his images have evolved into a collage of the South as a place of spiritual yearning. His images paint a persuasive picture of self realization like a fable passed down through many generations. Bagley feels privileged to carry on a story telling tradition whose roots extend across centuries and continents. To learn more, visit

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