Cover Artist: k. Madison Moore

In Dreams

Cover Artist: k. Madison Moore

Trained in Fine Art, Commercial Art and Art Restoration, Madison has been a Fine Art Restoration Artist and Appraiser for over 35 years. Some of Madison’s restorations include Picasso, Kandinski, Kinkade and Neiman to name a few.

Madison paints in many styles and on many subjects and considers herself an eclectic artist in a sense – working in Realism, Abstract, Impressionism, Expressionism and many times a combination of styles. The artist does all of her paintings in series: Nudes, Abstracts, Figurative, Still Life and her cherished Master Series with several segmentations. She has been intrigued with the masters for as long as she can remember.

Madison’s vision is not to copy the Masters, but to honor them for her inspirations. Contact the artist at, or

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