Cover Artist: Caitlin Beidler

Ash-Coblentz Wedding

Cover Artist: Caitlin Beidler

Caitlin studied at the University of Ulster art school in Belfast, Northern Ireland, in 2001 during her college studies at the University of Richmond. That began her pursuit of art. She graduated from the University of Richmond, in 2002, with a B.A. in Psychology and Studio Art.
Shortly after college, Caitlin had a vision of doing large, live paintings. At that time, she had no idea how the vision was going to become a reality. Today, it is a reality. Caitlin feels that, ultimately, art is a tool that God has given her to connect with people regardless of race, age, culture, religion, or socioeconomic status. Much of Caitlin’s work includes writing on the artwork and most works are painted on recycled windows, doors or barn wood. Contact Caitlin at 843-655-4151 or

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