Cover Artist: Sybil Alfano

Femme Florale

Cover Artist: Sybil Alfano

Sybil has been painting for as long as she can remember. For her, creating is a chance to meditate and share different perspectives. She has found art to be an amazing tool to bring people together. In her senior year of high school she took several inspiring art classes, which led to her decision to pursue a B.A. in Art Studio at Coastal Carolina University. Since graduating college in 2005, Sybil has had several jobs that revolved around art. She was an assistant curator at an art gallery, an art educator/tour guide at a children’s art museum, and is currently an art instructor at Abiding Village Urban Arts Center.

Sybil enjoys making custom artwork, murals, prints, greeting cards, personalized gifts, and has recently fallen in love with hand painted jewelry making. You can find her artwork for sale at and in various local stores in Myrtle Beach.

When she isn’t focusing on her artwork, she enjoys spending time with friends and family, traveling, surfing, playing tennis, attending cultural events and anything involving the outdoors. Contact the artist through her website or

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One Response to “Cover Artist: Sybil Alfano”

  1. Karen Alfano says:

    What a beautiful painting you did on the cover. Just love it and your other work!

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