Cover Artist: Jill Nonnemacher

Pink Hat Girl

Cover Artist: Jill Nonnemacher

Jilly is an accomplished artist whose work is best known for vibrantly colored canvases filled with whimsical figures and imagery. A New Jersey native, Jilly currently resides in Texas, but spends much of her free time at her beach house in Surfside Beach rejuvenating her creative energy.

To know Jilly is to understand that color is her passion and the driving force in all her creations. She uses very bright, bold color and her canvas as a playground. Her paintings are filled with many different types of emotions, energy and colorful explosions. JillyArt is a celebration of life, capturing the essence and spirit of people, personalities and life experiences. Her mission is to continue to grow and evolve as an artist who can capture the spirit of life through artistic creations.

JillyArt original acrylic paintings can be seen in galleries and shows throughout the country. Her paintings hang in various galleries, museums, hospitals, businesses and private homes. JillyArt has also been featured on several magazine covers and published in fine art books.

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