Cover Artist: Kelley Morris

Free Spirits

Cover Artist: Kelley Morris

Kelley has been painting and creating since she was a little girl growing up in Winston Salem, North Carolina, and now resides and maintains a studio in Holden Beach. Life has taken her through myriad experiences and phases over the years. Kelley studied Philosophy, Theology and Fine Art and has traveled across the United States, Europe, the Caribbean, parts of Central & South America and Asia. Her volunteer work includes inner-city soup kitchens in Baltimore, Maryland, and mission work in Bolivia, South America. Kelley has also taught and worked as an artist.

Kelley left her job teaching high school philosophy in 2005 to pursue a career in the arts full time. In March, 2010, she opened the Kd Morris Art Gallery and Wine Shop in Holden Beach.

The rest of Kelley’s time is devoted to long runs, walks and skipping on the beach, surfing, yoga, travels to new places, dancing when she thinks no one is looking and watching as many sunrises and sunsets as possible in the company of her husband, David.

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