Cover Artist: Kimberly Dawn Clayton

VW Girls

Cover Artist: Kimberly Dawn Clayton

Kimberly has been a full time artist since 1993. Her art is displayed in homes, galleries and businesses all over the world. She paints and makes sculptures out of materials that others throw away, turning discarded items into valuable art. She has painted on plywood, discarded lumber, old doors, windows, drums, guitars, clothing, automobiles, buildings and the occasional human. Besides painting and sculpting, the artist also performs while painting live for concerts, festivals and charity events. She feels her art should be used as a tool for helping others and has worked with “Give5,” Extreme Home Make Over and has sold art to raise money for individuals in need. Kimberly has also illustrated nine popular children’s books. Despite the fact that many celebrities and one ex-president own pieces of her artwork, Kimberly believes that Folk Art is the “people’s art” and should be available to all, accessible and not pretentious. For that reason, she produces beautiful pieces that make personal connections and are affordable. Contact Kimberly at 843-333-8823 or To see more of her work, visit Sunset River Marketplace, Calabash, N.C., 910-575-5999.

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