Cover Artist: Kathryn Morris Trotter


Cover Artist: Kathryn Morris Trotter

Kathryn Morris Trotter, a native Mississippian, claims that painting is her greatest passion. After graduating from The University of Texas in Austin, Trotter had an innate curiosity about life, travel and the ineffable creative world. Her passion propelled her ventures into the corporate world of fashion, interiors and textile design, which have been highly influential in her subject and style of painting.

Trotter’s style would be considered to be an impressionistic, “impasto” style of painting. She claims that after experimenting with many different styles over the years and enduring the artistic struggle to figure out what expresses her truest self, she has settled into her love for the palette knife. The layering effect of thick paint coupled with the intentional pairing of colors that compliment brings excitement and energy to her work.

Kathryn Trotter is continually inspired by new subjects, as her paintings have been born out of her experiences in textiles and fashion design, interior design, travel, and of course her passion for nature’s beauty. All of these experiences have molded Trotter into what she is becoming in the art world. To see more of her work, or to contact the artist, visit or

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