Cover Artist: Elaine Cory

Sweet Dreams

Cover Artist: Elaine Cory

Elaine Cory’s work is vibrant, expressive, colorful and serenely relaxing. An impressionist-style painter, working in acrylic and mixed media, Elaine pulls you in by infusing her paintings with imagination and tension of colors.

Born in New York, from early on Elaine had a crayon, pencil or brush in her hand, constantly doodling, drawing and painting. At age eight, her family moved to Germany and later to France. These countries opened her eyes to the great beauty of the world. The French countryside was especially memorable with its old world patina.

After moving to San Francisco, Elaine’s education blossomed and her creative independent spirit was nurtured in museums and art shows. She received a scholarship to San Francisco State College and earned an interior design degree from La Salle University. For 20 years, the artist pursued a career in design, and many of her paintings now hang in her client’s homes.

Today, Elaine lives in Las Vegas with her husband, Ron, and is privileged to paint full time. To see more of her work, visit her shop, “elainesheartsong.”

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