Cover Artist: Katrina Peterson

Wedding Day

Cover Artist: Katrina Peterson

Katrina Peterson is a Chicago area artist who originally hails from a small town in central Maine. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 2004, with a focus on Studio Art, New Media and Art History. While at school, Katrina began investigating how a computer can be a valuable tool to the modern artist, and has since found her artistic voice in digital portraiture. Landscapes and cityscapes have never captivated her imagination the way people do. Katrina thinks “portraits are a fantastic way to capture the people and moments that matter most in life.” She uses the same rules of color and shape found in traditional painting, but applies them using a computer. Everything is hand drawn in a range of shapes and opacities to give each portrait its own depth and richness. For the cover painting, Katrina really wanted to capture “road ahead” for the newlywed couple, and all the excitement and tension of what their unknown path holds. To learn more visit, or her etsy site,

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