Sallie Dent Porth “Canner-in-Chief” of Sallie’s Greatest Jams

By Leslie Moore

Sallie Dent Porth “Canner-in-Chief” of Sallie’s Greatest Jams

Sallie Dent Porth did not plan to be the “canner-in-chief” of Sallie’s Greatest jams, but is enjoying every minute! Officially launched in November 2010, Sallie’s Greatest was started when Sallie took her favorite hobby and turned it into a profitable business. Her customers couldn’t be happier with delicious flavors like, Blueberry + Lavender, Strawberry + Basil, Peach, Pepper + Ginger and more. Grand Strand residents will have a chance to meet Sallie – and taste her jams – at this year’s Coastal Uncorked Food, Wine and Spirits Festival on May 13 & 14, from 12-5 pm, in the Gourmet Village in Market Common.

How did you start Sallie’s Greatest?

I was raised in Calhoun County, South Carolina, and have lived somewhere in the state all of my life. But, I spent most of my career on planes, trains and automobiles up and down the East Coast doing medical sales. I started making jams and jellies about seven years ago when I married my husband. We had known each other since childhood and reconnected through my mother. I never dreamed I would marry and move back home, but that’s what I did!

My mother-in-law is a fantastic cook and preserves everything fresh from the garden. She’s especially known for her peach jam. I wanted to branch out and do some different flavors, but continue to use fresh from the garden ingredients. My career gave me the opportunity to experience a lot of fine dining and wonderful flavors, and I always wanted to try the most unusual thing on the menu. Using my experiences and a natural ability to know what might taste good together, I combined down home flavors with unusual combinations and came up with my recipes. My first jam flavor was Strawberry + Basil. It turned out very well, so I got braver with Blueberry, Lemon + Thyme and just keep going.

I entered a contest sponsored by Garden and Gun magazine, which had the stipulation that if you won, you had to be willing to bring your product on the market. Well, I did win. They highlighted my Strawberry + Basil jam, and I was off and running.

How is business?

It’s great! We launched right before Thanksgiving, when the December/January issue of Garden and Gun was published. Over 250,000 people got that issue and I got LOTS of orders! At first, we just did online ordering, but now we have more than 28 retail locations.

What does the future hold for Sallie’s Greatest?

I’m developing new flavors now. I currently sell six flavors, but I have eight or nine more that are developed, and I hope to bring those to market over the course of the next year. It’s a lot of work, though. I use hand-chopped herbs and fresh fruits – you just can’t get that kind of flavor without freshness.

You can use my jams for a lot more than just breakfast. While they are wonderful with cream cheese and a bagel or on toast, a sandwich with ham, brie and my Strawberry + Basil is fabulous. The Peach + Mint flavor goes great with lamb chops and the Peach, Pepper + Ginger makes a great braising sauce for pork loin. And, don’t get me started on the desserts – a trifle with my jam is out of this world!

Contact Sallie at and don’t miss seeing her while she is in our area during Coastal Uncorked. For more info, visit

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