Women and Men Who Mean Business

Kathy Bancroft of Palm Shoes and Collections

Kathy Bancroft

Kathy Bancroft

Palm Shoes & Collections
11388 Ocean Hwy
Pawleys Island, SC
Main: 843-979-9997

Kathy Bancroft, owner of Palm Shoes in Pawleys Island, loves shoes. When I get dressed for the day, I always start with the shoes, and then I choose the outfit.” No matter what else she has on, a pair of new shoes makes her feel terrific. “I don’t have a favorite type of shoe, I love them all, from flip flops to high heeled boots.”

When asked about makeup, Kathy laughed and told me, “I wear as little as I can get by with!” She will go out without makeup, but only selectively. “For my 6 am yoga class, no one has on makeup.” Kathy’s thoughts on beauty have little to do with anything external. “Being beautiful means being happy. I believe being at peace with who you are and loving what you do bring happiness.” And Kathy is happy with her life and her business, which has grown since her move to Pawleys Island and the addition of a larger line of apparel and handbags. “It’s fun! I do love shoes, but customer service comes first. It’s important for me to get to know my customers and give them what they want.”

Carol Allen of Accents by Carol

Carol Allen

Carol Allen

Accents By Carol
7711 North Kings Highway
Myrtle Beach, SC
Main: 843-449-1653

“I’m fairly traditional, but I do love a little glitter and a twist of glamour,” said Carol Allen, owner of Accents by Carol, when I asked her about her personal style. “About 70% of the time, I wear black and some type of pearls. I love faux pearls, real pearls, it doesn’t matter!” We all love shoes, and Carol told me that while she doesn’t wear stilettos anymore, she does like a medium heel. “I’m wearing more flats as I get a little older!” As for makeup, it’s a must for Carol. “I do not go out of the house without my makeup. And, I always try to wear lipstick.”

Being beautiful means many different things, but Carol told me that “being beautiful means being yourself.” Carol went on to tell me that in planning home décor, it doesn’t matter what your taste is, as long as it’s put together well. In her 21st year selling fine gifts and home décor, Carol still believes that customer service is number one. “I greet people as soon as they come in, and even if I don’t remember your name, I always remember faces.”

Chris Cervini of Christopher's Fine Jewelry

Chris Cervini

Chris Cervini

Christopher’s Fine Jewelry
11412 Ocean Highway
Pawleys Island, SC
Main: 843-237-3773

“Being a designer gives me the freedom to choose my own style,” says Chris Cervini, owner of Christopher’s Fine Jewelry in Pawleys Island. I do enjoy dressing up for work sometimes, but I love being casual and expressing my artsy side. My employees say I’m the only person who can get away with selling fine jewelry in flip flops or Birkenstocks!” Chris is passionate about jewelry and never fails to get excited when he’s creating one-of-a-kind pieces. “The design process is exciting and rewarding. I love seeing it come to fruition.”

Personally, Chris believes that, “beauty comes from being confident and comfortable in your own skin. I will always comment on stylish shoes or a purse because I appreciate a woman taking the time to develop her own unique sense of style.” Even though he designs beautiful jewelry, Chris doesn’t wear much himself. “I love watches and change my timepiece frequently, but I’m fairly conservative otherwise.” His most rewarding piece was designed for the Brookgreen Gala last year, a replica of Diana of the Chase. “It was extremely challenging to replicate this work in miniature and make it my own, but I was very proud of the result!”

Leslie Sloan of Taz Boutique

Leslie Sloan

Leslie Sloan

Taz Boutique
11270 Ocean Highway
Pawleys Island, SC
Main: 843-235-9646

When I asked Leslie Sloan, owner of Taz Boutique, about her personal style, she laughed and told me, “I’m eclectic, I dress for how I feel that day, and when I don’t know how I feel, I spend much too much time in my closet.” Leslie generally prefers to wear wedges. “I’m short, so I like a little lift unless I’m wearing my flip flops.” She’s been known to venture out without makeup occasionally, but most of the time she does wear minimal makeup. Leslie went on to say, “I feel the most beautiful when I’m doing something constructive or helping someone, and they respond positively.”

Taz Boutique has been a fixture in Pawleys Island for eleven years, and I asked Leslie why her customers keep coming back. “I believe it’s because of my staff—they are great!” Keeping her merchandise fresh and new is also important. “We’re a contemporary store, but not over the top. I enjoy working with our customers and love to see them come back year after year.” Leslie’s husband, John, also works in Pawleys Island building custom furniture and refinishing. “Sometimes he refers to himself as ‘Mr. Taz.’”

Vicki Clark of Victoria's Ragpatch

Vicki Clark

Vicki Clark

Victoria’s Ragpatch
10164 Beach Dr.SW
Calabash, NC
Main: 910-579-2015
117 Causeway Dr.
Ocean Isle Beach, NC
Main: 910-579-3158

When asked about her personal style, Vicki Clark, owner of Victoria’s Ragpatch in Calabash & Ocean Isle, N.C., didn’t hesitate, “I’m classic, but with a twist,” she began, “I always add something unexpected.” Vicki loves color and feels the best wearing something bright—lime green is her favorite. Skirts are this business owner’s favorite wardrobe item—from short Lily Pulitzers to mid-length, more flowing designs. “I wear what I know looks best on me,” laughed Vicki. While she occasionally is found in a kitten heel, Vicki is most often found in flats. Her makeup is minimal. “I think a sheer look is fresher for our beach atmosphere.”

“Having a good heart and caring about others is what makes a woman beautiful,” Vicki began. “That’s how I run my business.” And, after 33 years of success, Vicki told me she has never treated her shop like a business. “This is fun! I love what I do. With my vendors, I use my head, but my customers have my heart.” Vicki’s niche is her desire to create a unique look for each individual by pairing different brands in the same outfit. “When I buy from multiple vendors, I make sure the look flows together.”

Vicki Castle of Sassy Girl Gifts and Special Things

Vicki Castle

Vicki Castle

Sassy Girl Gifts & Special Things
1019 4th Avenue
Conway, SC
Main: 843-488-4475

Vicki Castle, owner of Sassy Girl in Conway, doesn’t feel she has one particular style, but that’s what makes her unique. “I don’t follow the trends—I just go with what works for me.” Most comfortable wearing black, Vicki loves to wear silver and diamond jewelry. “I like to take designer pieces and mix them with funky, novelty items—it’s my Sassy side you know! Trends are important, but only as a guideline.” Comfort is a priority, and most days will find Vicki wearing flats or wedges. Her makeup is minimal, and while she will leave the house without makeup, her most flattering eyewear will always be in place. “I believe less is more.” Sharing her ideas about being beautiful, Vicki believes that beauty comes from within. “If you’re beautiful on the inside it just emits.”

Owner of Sassy Girl for the past five years, Vicki’s customers are her favorite part of her work. “I worked in a corporate environment for many years and was told how to treat customers. Here, I’m free to be real with people and get to know them on a different level. It’s like having friends come into my home.

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