Cover Artist: Jilly Nonnemacker

Young at Heart

Cover Artist: Jilly Nonnemacker

Jilly is best known for her wildly colorful palette, frisky expressionistic figures and playful style. Her subjects include expressive solitary figures, whimsical collective figures, and socially provocative figures with a primary focus on the female figure. Each painting has a story to be shared and is part of a larger series of work. It is fundamental that her paintings radiate with liveliness, movement and a playful spirit.

JillyArt is inspired by people, music, design and real life experiences, and has incorporated her passion for art and people by way of formal art education and art therapy training along with a degree in pychology/social work and training as a psychotherapist. Jilly is honored to have her paintings hang in various public, corporate and private collections around the country and has been published in fine art books including, Art Buzz and Addiction and Art and has been featured on several women’s magazine covers.

Contact the artist through her website, or find JillyArt Studios on Facebook.

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