Women Who Mean Business (October 2011)

Vicki Butler, Butler's Electric Company

Vicki Butler, Butler's Electric Company

Vicki Butler

Butler’s Electric Company
926 Frontage Rd. East
Myrtle Beach, SC
Main: 843-448-4364

Vicki Butler, of Butler’s Electric, does take time for herself. She just returned from a vacation in the Bahamas with her husband and friends. But, under normal circumstances, she uses the early mornings to recharge. “Our store is busiest in the late morning and afternoons, so I am able to take the mornings for me time.” Dealing with stress is a part of everyone’s life and Vicki is no exception. “I read inspirational books—I know what helps me the most. I can see the ocean from my favorite spot on the loveseat in my sunroom, and that’s where I go to read. It’s kind of a spiritual, meditation time.” Journaling is another one of Vicki’s favorite ways to unwind. “When a problem flows out of my hand onto the paper it seems to just go away.” When a true indulgence is called for, Vicki heads to Baskin Robbins for a pistachio almond ice cream cone!

Vicki went to work with her husband after they were married, but taught school for fourteen years after her children were born. Five years ago, Vicki went back to work for Butler’s Electric and loves it! “We have great people working here, and I enjoy the interaction with customers and helping them find what they want.”

Hatton Gravely, The Market Common

Hatton Gravely, The Market Common

Hatton Gravely

The Market Common
1120 Farrow Parkway
Myrtle Beach, SC
Main: 843-839-3500

Hatton Gravely, busy Marketing Manager of The Market Common, is also the mother of a toddler, but says she is “very lucky to have amazing in-laws who love to spend time with our son, Thomas. They are very generous and give my husband and me lots of free time!” When this hard-working executive feels stressed, she calls her “wonderful mother and level-headed husband” to help her unwind. Hatton didn’t hesitate when asked her favorite indulgence, and she doesn’t have to go far to get it—Tommy Bahama’s Pina Colada Cake! “I love being a working mom,” said Hatton when asked what she’s great at doing. “I blog about it on Freshmom.com.” Like most busy moms, Hatton is a “big time multi-tasker.”

Hatton not only works at The Market Common, she lives there as well. “I love living and working at The Market Common—I’m surrounded by my favorite stores and restaurants and always enjoy promoting all of the fun activities we have here!”

Pamela Haynes, Cabana Gauze

Pamela Haynes, Cabana Gauze

Pamela Haynes

Cabana Gauze
The Hammock Shops
Pawleys Island, SC
Main: 843-314-3344

Mornings find Pamela Haynes, owner of Cabana Gauze, taking time for herself—going to the beach, playing with her two shih tzus, or just enjoying some alone time. “I love to read; my favorites are thought-provoking, inspirational books,” she said. “And, I meditate regularly which helps me deal with everyday stress.” Pamela believes her creativity is her greatest gift. “People love coming into my shop, it’s a unique experience.”

Only open since last November, Pamela is living her dream. “I had never been in retail before, my background is in accounting.” She moved here after a divorce and realized that this was her chance to do something different. “My mom and two sisters live in Florida where I met a woman who has four gauze shops. I bought all my clothes there, and everyone here loved them. Eventually, I realized this was what I wanted to do and opened Cabana Gauze. I’ve had a fantastic summer thanks to the many wonderful new friends and customers that I’ve made since opening my doors!” Pamela has also been asked to do several fashion shows in the coming months. “Every day I pinch myself!”

Lauren Porter, Salon Envy

Lauren Porter, Salon Envy

Lauren Porter

Salon Envy
2004 Hwy 17S
North Myrtle Beach, SC
Main: 843-427-4673

“I take Sundays off,” said Lauren Porter, owner of Salon Envy, when asked when she takes time for herself. “That’s the day I go to the beach or pool and hang out with my family—if I don’t have a wedding!” Lauren works out and walks on the beach every morning to deal with the stress of everyday life. “Everyone needs time for themselves,” she said. “I like a day every now and then that I can turn off the phone and just relax.” A day with her girlfriends is a true indulgence for Lauren. “We get together and go shopping, shoe shopping, of course, and then do happy hour and dinner.” 

Lauren enjoys her work and says it doesn’t really feel like work! “I am a people person and a good listener. When I was in cosmetology school, I was able to help fit a child with cancer with a wig—that was an amazing experience. Now, I have clients come in with problems and I’ll show them new techniques or offer an open ear; that’s a great feeling. I love what I do every day—I talk to people and make them look amazing!”

Selena Camp, Island Shoes

Selena Camp, Island Shoes

Selena Camp

Island Shoes
The Hammock Shops
Pawleys Island, SC
Main: 843-237-8512

It was easy to hear the joy in Selena Camp’s voice when she told me her favorite way to take time for herself. “I spend time with my fiancée! He lives in Aiken, and both of us have businesses, so we get together whenever we can. I didn’t think I’d find love again after I lost my husband, but I did—he’s a wonderful man!” Researching everything from new shoe lines to the latest popular novel is how the busy owner of Island Shoes deals with stress. “I can sit at the computer for hours, reading whatever piques my interest.” A caring friend, Selena feels she is best at providing a listening ear. “People do what they do for a reason, and I don’t make judgments.”

From age 10, when she slipped on her first pair of Jack Rogers sandals, Selena has loved shoes. “I would eat PBJs and save my money for shoes,” she laughed. “I was approached about opening a shoe store in the Hammock Shops and was very fortunate to have a mentor who helped me. I love it—this is my passion. I can’t imagine doing anything else!”

Beverly Griggs, Southern Guys & Gals

Beverly Griggs, Southern Guys & Gals

Beverly Griggs

Southern Guys & Gals
2126 Hwy 9E
Little River, SC
Main: 843-399-3300

Beverly Griggs, owner of Southern Guys & Gals, has a hectic life with three businesses, two sons and four grandsons. To top it all off, she’s planning her own wedding this month to her beau of two years! She doesn’t have much free time, but says, “Taking time for myself, to me, means spending time with my family, but occasionally I am able to take a weekend for down time.” Beverly says she deals with stress by getting a good massage. “Massage is medicine and my favorite indulgence—along with a good piece of chocolate!” When asked about her greatest strength, Beverly didn’t hesitate, “I am good at making other people happy. I really enjoy doing for others, but I have to work on saying ‘no’ sometimes.”

Open since May of this year, Beverly loves running Southern Guys & Gals. “I wanted to do something a little more girly, and this is so much fun. People on the north end have been very welcoming. Once they’ve found us, our customers like to come back!”

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