Cover Artist: Wyanne

Peacock Garden

Cover Artist: Wyanne

It’s pronounced Y-anne…not Wayne. Wyanne’s brother, who was in college when she was adopted, came up with it. His name is Wayne. Wyanne used not to like it so much…but later in life thought it was a pretty cool name for an artist. She creates art every day; painting and occasionally making jewelry. For over a decade, Wyanne has sold her work online to clients all over the world. She also teach online art classes, and has had art showcased online and in several publications. The artist currently resides in Fernandina Beach, Florida, but will be returning to Atlanta (her home for 18 years) in June of 2012. She and her life partner, Danny, have a 9 year-old daughter and 16 year-old son.

To contact Wyanne and see more of her work, visit, or visit her etsy store at

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