Rocking Chair Renegades: Barbara Kee

Rocking Chair Renegades: Barbara Kee

A Rocking Chair Renegade is a woman over 50 who: refuses to let age define her and is not afraid of showing the lines of life on her face… believes that the fountain of youth springs from her mind… is wise, funny, active, engaging, valuable, beautiful and definitely not finished!

Barbara Kee

Lives: I moved to Pawleys Island full-time in May of 2008.

Occupation: I retired after working for the Federal Government for 34 years. I had a wonderful career and traveled extensively. I once drove from London to Tehran, crossing ten countries.

Hometown: I’m from Annapolis, Maryland. My favorite place in the world is the salt marshes of Chesapeake Bay.

Age: 63

Activities: Running, kayaking, sailboat racing, golfing, bird watching, volunteering

Loves: I have three adorable dogs, all rescues: Annie, Peaches and Cocoa.

Laughs: Doing crazy magazine spreads!

Best Compliment Ever Received: That’s hard. I was well respected in my career, but now when I get thanks for a volunteer job well done I feel great.

Favorite Meal: It would probably be eggplant parmesan, salad and wine.

Perfect Day: Every day is perfect for me now. I get up and grind the beans for my first of several cups of French Roast coffee, take the dogs for a walk, go for a run, play golf or kayak and meet friends for dinner.

Reads: Currently I’m reading The Long Road Home, by Mary Alice Monroe

Inspiration: My faith inspires me.

Beauty: Beauty is everywhere in nature if we take the time to look. In people, beauty is uniqueness, kindness and generosity.

Spirit: We’re not in control here.

Gets Excited: Everything—I was really excited when I got my latest rescue dog, Annie.

Aging: This is the time to give back. I’ve had a wonderful life and career—all my dreams didn’t come true, actually I have some big holes in my life, but now it’s time to make other’s dreams come true. I think we always keep growing and learning. I really have a wonderful life.

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One Response to “Rocking Chair Renegades: Barbara Kee”

  1. Mary Demory says:

    Barbara — Hope you remember me from Justice OIG. I am now retired as well. Like you I get up and grind coffee beans for my coffee. I am travelling with my oldest daughter and grandson during the summers.
    We lost our cat, Snickers several years ago but am glad you still have Peaches. I thought maybe you might move to Florida — I was down your way in the Spring. Let me hear from you.

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