Women and Men Who Mean Business (January 2012)

Dr. Lauri Baldwin Graham, Distinctive Eyewear

Dr. Lauri Baldwin Graham, Distinctive Eyewear

Dr. Lauri Baldwin Graham

Distinctive Eyewear
1206 Moser Dr. The Market Common
Myrtle Beach, SC
Main: 843-213-1201

Dr. Lauri Baldwin Graham of Distinctive Eyewear loves New Year’s resolutions. “It’s a great way to either set higher goals for yourself or help get on the right path to reach personal challenges.” On childhood memories, Dr. Graham said, “I have many favorite memories. I am blessed with a great family that has done nothing but love and support me—even the one about one day owning a pet unicorn. They’re still supporting me on that one!” She went on to say, “I do take a lot of photos and enjoy being captured in the moment, whether it’s happy, eventful or just candid. I love looking back on pictures from years ago because it either makes me smile or appreciate how far I’ve come in different areas of my life.”

When asked her greatest influence in starting her practice, Dr. Graham said thoughtfully, “I can’t name only one person, but if I had to choose, I would have to say myself, because I would never disappoint myself—if I fall I get back up. Even if things don’t go according to my plan, I can sleep at night knowing that I tried my best and look at it as a lesson learned. There is no such thing as too much ambition and when combined with creativity and a heart to help others, having your own business is the best option.” Distinctive Eyewear has some new and exciting opportunities coming up in the New Year. They are accepting more insurance plans to better serve the community and will continue to offer the best selection of stylish designer eyewear in Myrtle Beach. “Whether you’re looking for trendy, unique, fun or conservative, we have something here for you!”

Pam Shelley, Marina Inn at Grande Dunes

Pam Shelley, Marina Inn at Grande Dunes

Pam Shelley

Distinctive Eyewear
8121 Amalfi Place Marina Inn at Grande Dunes
Myrtle Beach, SC
Main: 877-913-1333

Pam Shelley, Director of Sales and Marketing at Marina Inn and the Grande Dunes Clubs, does not make New Year’s resolutions. “I feel that if you’re forced to make a resolution at a certain time, you’re not likely to stick to it. Instead, I make little goals throughout the year.” A Conway native, Pam has some favorite childhood memories. “My sister and I stayed with our grandmother in the summers while my mother worked. This was a time when you could run around the neighborhood without worrying about danger, so we played outside with friends all day.” Photos are most people’s favorite way of preserving precious memories. Like most of us, Pam doesn’t take as many photos as she would like. “I have taken photos all of my life and most are in albums or hanging on the wall—of course there are a lot I haven’t gotten around to organizing! Now we have digital photos, which are great, but it’s easy to just file them without printing hard copies.”

Working in the Myrtle Beach tourism industry all through school led Pam to her current career path. “I started in operations at the front desk. Every step was a part of a gradual process to be where I am today. I knew I wanted to move forward, and tested the waters to see where I would best fit within the company.” Excited about the upcoming year, Pam told me that 2012 would be a year of growth for the Marina Inn and Grande Dunes Clubs. “We are planning different marketing initiatives that will benefit all areas of the company. Marina Inn is a very special place and the best team I’ve ever worked with. I feel very fortunate to be a part of this company and look forward to the future.”

Diane McLeod, Scent Unlimited

Diane McLeod, Scent Unlimited

Diane McLeod

Scents Unlimited
10707 Ocean Hwy
Pawleys Island, SC
Main: 800-323-5309

Diane McLeod, owner of Scents Unlimited in the Downtown Pawleys shopping center, never makes New Year’s resolutions. She laughed and told me, “I stopped doing those years ago!” A photo lover, Diane’s home is filled with pictures of her family; she has three children and four grandchildren, but she doesn’t take many pictures herself. None of Diane’s children live in the area; two live in New Jersey and one lives in Colorado. “I waited a long time for my children; I had them later in life and enjoyed every minute of their childhoods. We were always involved in a lot of activities.”

A life-long entrepreneur, Diane bought Scents Unlimited as an established business after moving here from New Jersey. Since then, she relocated the business from Little River to Pawleys Island. “I went to a business broker, and when I walked into Scents Unlimited, I knew I wanted it. It was a beautiful store and something different than I had ever done before.” In New Jersey, Diane and her husband were in the moving and storage business, and when she first moved to the Grand Strand, Diane bought and ran a cake route! “I love the freedom and challenge of being in business for myself—it’s what I’ve done my entire life.” Scents Unlimited’s internet and mail order business continues to do well, and Diane is enthusiastic about the Pawleys Island community. “We love the area and have met some very nice people.”

Betsy Elliot, Inlet Queens

Betsy Elliot, Inlet Queens

Betsy Elliot

Inlet Queens
4905 Hwy 17 Bypass
Murrells Inlet, SC
Main: 843-947-0767

Betsy Elliot, of Inlet Queens in Murrells Inlet doesn’t really think too much about New Year’s resolutions, saying, “They are not fun and way too planned for me! I am more of a spur of the moment type of person. I like to make a decision, do it and move to the next one.” Betsy’s childhood memories reflect her fun personality. “We rode horses, went dove and quail hunting and played a lot of pranks on people!” Admittedly not organized, Betsy does take a lot of photos, but puts them in a drawer to pull out and look at often. “It takes too much time to be organized, so photo albums are out of the question for me.” Betsy and her girlfriends used to drive around in a pickup truck on the weekends looking for treasures. Soon their many wonderful things began to fill their garages, and the idea of Inlet Queens was formed. “We had to find something to do with our finds,” Betsy laughed.

Excited about the future of Inlet Queens, Betsy said, “We are growing like crazy, there are so many talented people in the area. It makes me proud to be a part of their hard work. We are much more than just a shop—we are 46 artistic women and four very tolerant men who support each other. Each person rents and owns their individual booths, and all of our items are handmade, new, used or refurbished. We are an upscale group of eclectic shops. Here, everyone has the chance to live the American dream!”

Dr. William Rinehart, En Facé

Dr. William Rinehart, En Facé

Dr. William Rinehart

En Facé
1729 N. Fraser St.
Georgetown, SC
Main: 843-527-2081
4017 Hwy 17
Murrells Inlet, SC
Main: 843-215-2525

Dr. William Rinehart, oral and maxillofacial surgeon, believes New Year’s resolutions are great. “We should all make them every day. Today, I resolve to be thankful for each day—they are all great gifts.” Dr. Rinehart’s fondest memories are of family meals at his grandparents’ home on Sundays. When asked about his photo-taking habits, he laughed and said, “Yes, I take lots of photos—before and after cosmetic procedures on patients I treat!” He uses the photos to educate the community on new cosmetic procedures. When asked his greatest influence in starting his practice, Dr. Rinehart said, “I will always appreciate the opportunity I had to train at a great surgical program in Chapel Hill at the University of North Carolina. The professors and doctors are the best in the country.”

The New Year brings many new and exciting opportunities in Dr. Rinehart’s practice. “Each year brings so many new and innovative devices, materials and techniques in cosmetic facial surgery. Fractional Lasers can give youthful, beautiful changes to an aging face. And, Artefil is the only permanent filler and is the basis for volume replacement and collagen reproduction in the mid-face. Please call one of our offices, and we will share more exciting news!”

David & Vicki Bouvier, Bouvier Tax & Financial Services, Inc.

David & Vicki Bouvier, Bouvier Tax & Financial Services, Inc.

David & Vicki Bouvier

Bouvier Tax & Financial Services, Inc.
14323 Ocean Hwy Litchfield Exchange
Pawleys Island, SC
Main: 843-314-9090

Dave Bouvier, of Bouvier Tax & Financial Services, like most other people, makes New Year’s resolutions but rarely keeps them. His 2011 goal was to play more golf, but that didn’t happen, work got in the way. When asked about his favorite memories, Dave told me that his favorite memory was when he and his wife Vickie came to the Grand Strand from Massachusetts for their honeymoon in 1981. “In 1986, we came back for another vacation, bought our first vacation home and became annual visitors. Last June we made the decision to move here permanently and built our dream home on Pawleys Plantation.” The couple has two daughters–one lives on Cape Cod in Massachusetts and the other lives in Clayton, N.C.

David started the tax business part time for co-workers, neighbors and friends in Massachusetts. In 1993 he was offered a buyout from his employer, and then decided to make the tax business full time. Vickie joined the business in 2008 when she retired from her executive vice president banking position. Both are Enrolled Agents, which means they are licensed to represent all taxpayers before the IRS or State. “We handle most any type of tax return or situation, but our specialty is working with day care providers. They have some very specialized tax deductions.” Dave & Vickie attend several tax conferences during the year to keep current on all the tax law changes. They are both members of National Association of Enrolled Agents and National Association of Tax Professionals. Dave is past president of Massachusetts Society of Enrolled Agents. “Many of our 1,000 Massachusetts clients will continue to have us prepare their taxes, and we are anxious to build our practice here. We’re open year round, so give us a call or visit us on our website.”

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