Teacher Feature: Leesa Meador

Teacher Feature: Leesa Meador

Teach·er  [tee-cher] imparts information, works overtime, loves children, Makes a Difference

Leesa Meador is an Art Teacher at Waccamaw Elementary in Pawleys Island.

How long: I’ve been teaching for twenty-eight years.

Why teach: Because I love children.

Best thing about your job: I get to play all day long!

Best thing about your school: We’re a big family. Our principal, Mrs. Reid, wants us all to do well, but she cares about kids more than subjects.

Lives: Georgetown

Loves: God and the beach

Your art: I teach art camp in the summer, so I’m nearly always teaching. But, when I have time for myself, I love to paint watercolors and acrylics. I love working with clay, too.

Reads: Right now, I’m reading The Boy Who Came Back from Heaven, by Kevin Malarkey & Alex Malarkey

Family: My husband, Phil, owns a computer shop, Computer Resource, and my daughter, Sallie, and son, Eddie, are still in school.

Pets: Two dogs and three cats—they find us. We rescued one of our cats from the Wal-Mart parking lot.

Inspiration: I love nature. Every morning when we are driving over the bridges from Georgetown, I go on and on about the beautiful sky—it drives them crazy, but it makes my day.

Perfect Day: The weather would definitely be warm, and I would be reading or doing art with the people I love.

Favorite Meal: Italian, anything with tomatoes, the more the better

Work Out: I go to the YMCA in Georgetown five days a week; I’m usually there by 5:30 am.

Beauty: I survived the worst thing that could happen to a mother. My oldest son, Charlie, died in a car accident. But even though I was really angry at God at first, I now know I have a real relationship with Him. He has shown me how to use this loss to make something beautiful in my life. Charlie taught me the importance of doing the things we love while we’re here.

Friendship: Being there when someone needs you the most; caring, sharing important times in life, unconditional love

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