Women and Men Who Mean Business (February 2012)

Dr. William E. Altman, DDS PC, Dr. William E. Altman, DDS

Dr. William E. Altman, DDS PC, Dr. William E. Altman, DDS

Dr. William E. Altman, DDS PC

Dr. William E. Altman, DDS
811 5th Ave. N.
Surfside Beach, SC
Main: 843-238-5634

Surfside Beach dentist, Dr. William Altman, loves pets, specifically his three year-old Maltese, Sugar. This altruistic-minded professional is involved with several local charities, including the Friends of Brookgreen. “Brookgreen is a gift to our community; a sanctuary for visitors and local residents,” Dr. Altman began. “I also look for people in need who are trying to better themselves and help them get their ‘smile’ in order! Our self esteem is wrapped up in our smile and teeth.” Dr. Altman went on to tell me that throughout his life he has received a lot of help when he needed it and just wants to pay it back by paying it forward. When asked who he counts on for help, Dr. Altman was able to give me a long list of good friends, but Dr. Jack Green’s name was on the top of the list. “I’ve known Jack for years—ever since I moved here.”

Valentine’s Day is a special event for Dr. Altman and his wife of 24 years. “We always celebrate by going out to dinner and exchanging gifts. One year we spent the day at our home in Bennettsville and invited four other couples to a wonderful dinner prepared by a local chef.”

Making the world a better place, one smile at a time, is one of Dr. Altman’s lofty goals. Recently, he was able to help correct the smile of a young man working to enter the ministry. “I think helping people improve their self-esteem and quality of life is a big part of what we do. Feeling good about yourself is important to how you meet the world. And, I believe that you never get too old to improve your quality of life. I have a 90 year-old patient who is amazing!”

Sabrina Israel, Palace Theatre Myrtle Beach

Sabrina Israel, Palace Theatre Myrtle Beach

Sabrina Israel

Palace Theatre Myrtle Beach
1420 Celebrity Circle
Myrtle Beach, SC
Main: 843-448-0588

Sabrina Israel, Marketing Director for the Palace Theatre lives with the love of her life—a nine year-old, black and white Teacup Chihuahua named Audi who weighs in at 3.8 pounds. (No, she doesn’t own an Audi!) When asked about volunteer work, Sabrina told me, “I got involved with Habitat for Humanity when I was in middle school. I’ll never forget the first house I worked on in Alabama; it was a life changing experience. Locally I am a part of GS Scene, a great organization for young professionals run by MBACC.” Sabrina went on to say, “If I needed help of any kind, I would call my father. He has great life and business advice and is nearly always right. My father is the wisest man I know, and I lean on him in times of need—he will always give me an honest answer, whether I like it or not!” Sabrina celebrates Valentine’s Day, “even though I know some people think it’s very commercial, but I think it forces you to really think about the meaning of love and say ‘thank you’ to the special people in your life.What am I doing this year? Hmmm, good question.”

Sabrina finished our conversation by telling me about the work she loves. “The Palace Theatre is unique to Myrtle Beach because of our commitment to the performing arts. We are involved with many local non-profit children organizations and offer them the opportunity to come see our musicals, shows and plays. Making sure children are exposed to arts and other creative outlets is something we believe in. With Myrtle Beach being one of the fastest growing areas in America, it is very important to make sure this city is immersed with the arts in every shape and form.”

Liza Mata, Coastal Dance Centre

Liza Mata, Coastal Dance Centre

Liza Mata

Coastal Dance Centre
3554 Old Kings Hwy
Murrells Inlet, SC
Main: 843-651-2006

Liza (pronounced Leeza) Mata, Executive and Artist Director of Coastal Dance Centre and Coastal Youth Ballet Theatre, doesn’t have pets, but loves them, especially German Shepherds. “I used to have two, but now I am always out of the house working.” In 2006, Liza founded Coastal Youth Ballet Theatre, a non-profit organization that provides high caliber training and performance opportunities for dedicated and seriously committed dance students in the Grand Strand. She also has an outreach program that gives members of the community, particularly school children who traditionally have no access to arts programming, the opportunity to see professionally-staged productions. “This spring we are launching our story book ballet production of The Sleeping Beauty.” Liza went on to tell me, “I am in a unique position to combine the professional performing arts with a youth development focus. It gives me a feeling of great fulfillment when I see the joy in people’s/children’s faces after every performance.”

If she needed help, Liza would call her family—husband Greg and grown children. She is also on the phone daily with her best friend, Sonia, in Connecticut. “I also have the dance families who have been with me for the longest time and have been pillars of support.” Valentine’s Day can be any day for Liza and Greg, who don’t necessarily celebrate on The Day, but try to go out for dates whenever they can. Both love their work and making an impact on the community. “Through Coastal Youth Ballet Theatre, I am able to make a significant and lasting impact in the lives of hundreds of area youth and community members every year.”

Beverly Mesimer, Finders Keepers

Beverly Mesimer, Finders Keepers

Beverly Mesimer

Finders Keepers
6105 North Kings Hwy
Myrtle Beach, SC
Main: 843-213-1289

Beverly Mesimer, owner of Finders Keepers in Myrtle Beach, loves dogs. “I have two dogs, a Golden Retriever named Marley and a Maltese named Hannah. Hannah’s mother, Bella, is my daughter, Brittany Mills’ dog.” Owning a consignment shop gives Beverly the opportunity to help local clothes closets. “I donate lots of clothing and household items to local charities, and Brittany has done volunteer work at Grand Strand Humane Society.” Her sister, Marce Smith, is the person Beverly can depend on in any situation. “I opened the store almost a year ago because of her. The space had become available, and I was trying to rent it out. Marce called me one day and suggested I open a consignment store. At first it seemed crazy, but she is the person who is always there for me, so I decided that if she thought I could do it, I probably could!” When asked about her Valentine’s Day plans, Beverly told me, “My husband, Marty, and I have been married for 36 years, and we always go out to dinner on Valentine’s Day. In the early years we bought each other gifts, but with three kids, going out to a nice dinner was a gift.”

Finders Keepers gives consigners an easy way to sell items they no longer want or need. Beverly loves her work and said, “We sell your items for you so you don’t have to worry about selling your items on Craig’s List or eBay.” Consigners bring their treasures, and Beverly does the rest, paying you when the items sell. Currently Finders Keepers has more than 500 consigners and great deals on furniture, home décor, clothing, shoes, purses, jewelry and more. “I have met some really nice and interesting people who have become friends,” said Beverly. My daughter works with me. I could not do it without her! Beverly is a great people person and always has a positive attitude. Her degree in graphic arts is invaluable for marketing!

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