Sasee Rising Star: Mackenzie Jones

Sasee Rising Star: Mackenzie Jones

A Sasee Rising Star is young, fabulous, confident and riding a star-studded rocket to success. These young women are the leaders of tomorrow, whose vision and innovation will light up the future of our community and our world.

Sasee Rising Star, Mackenzie Jones, daughter of Toni and Kelly Jones, is a sophomore at Myrtle Beach High School. Stellar student and athlete, Mackenzie is the varsity soccer team’s center midfielder and swings a mean backhand on the tennis team. When she’s not hitting the books or practicing with her teams, this goal-oriented young woman spends time with her family and practices her strong faith at First United Methodist Church.

Age: 15

Family: Mom, Dad, four brothers aged 27, 25, 21 and 11

Lives: Myrtle Beach

Best/worst thing about school: I love to interact with others and learn. The worst thing is dealing with people who don’t care about being in school.

Loves: Being with family and friends—we always have a good time!

Pets: Two dogs—a Boykin Spaniel and a Maltese

Perfect Day: Laying out on the beach with friends or going hunting with my brothers

Favorite Meal: Steak and mashed potatoes

Beauty: Everyone is beautiful if you look inside, the outside really doesn’t matter.

Friendship: Someone who has your back, and even if you don’t talk for a long time you can go to them with anything.

College: Clemson or College of Charleston

Future Career: Psychologist

Passion: Moving in my faith and helping others grow in theirs

Inspiration: Jesus

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One Response to “Sasee Rising Star: Mackenzie Jones”

  1. Leigh Westraad says:

    So proud of you MacKenzie :) You really do live your faith and the LIGHT shines through you. God has amazing plans for you, sweet girl.

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