Women and Men Who Mean Business (March 2012)

Sara Owid, Consigning Women on Broadway

Sara Owid, Consigning Women on Broadway

Sara Owid

Consigning Women on Broadway
407 Broadway Street
Myrtle Beach, SC
Main: 843-839-3960

Sara Owid, owner of Consigning Women on Broadway in Myrtle Beach, loves to hear the birds sing and see the blossoms and flower buds appear in spring. “Even the leaves on the trees are beautiful. They remind me of God and His glory. He shows us such a beautiful picture.” Gardening is important to Sara, who grew up in a rural area. “Now, I do raised bed gardening. I have an asparagus bed and plant squash, tomatoes…all kinds of things. Last year I even raised okra! This type of gardening is great for small spaces—there’s no soil, just a mixture of organic products.” Even if Sara moves back to a rural area, which she hopes to do one day, she believes this is the best way to garden. Sara is an adamant supporter of “reduce, reuse and recycle,” and says, “At home we recycle everything. My elderly aunt and beautiful mother-in-law taught me the importance of recycling, and I’ve never forgotten their lessons.” Owning a consignment shop is a type of recycling, and Sara is passionate about her business. “I hope everyone will take the time to recycle and consign the things they no longer want.”

A redhead with freckles, Sara feels a kinship with the Irish and loves St. Patrick’s Day. “I don’t know that we have any Irish ancestry, but we always celebrate with the traditional meal of corned beef, new potatoes and cabbage.” Spring is the perfect time to renew the look of your home, and Consigning Women on Broadway has lots of wonderful items to give customers a head start. “Every day is like a treasure. People bring in things they’re tired of and while they’re here they find exciting new-to-them items. What better way to refurbish your home than to use recycled things? We give life to your unwanted items.”

Geri Anderson, Miss Master The Children Shoppe

Geri Anderson, Miss Master The Children Shoppe

Geri Anderson

Miss Master The Children Shoppe
6101 N. Kings Hwy.
Myrtle Beach, SC
Main: 843-449-1696

Geri Anderson, owner of Miss Master in Myrtle Beach, always takes time to smell the flowers, especially in the spring. “I enjoy seeing what flowers are going to pop out to enjoy! Azaleas are my favorite; they let me know summer is on the way.” At home, pots of pansies in the cooler months give way to hyacinths, ferns and impatiens in the spring. “I love planting mixed pots of whatever I can find that will be pretty together. In the spring, I enjoy getting outside, not just to garden, but to walk on the beach—my favorite thing to do.” Geri believes recycling is important, both at home and work. “We’re very conscious at Miss Master to recycle everything we can. Much of our merchandise comes in large cardboard boxes, and my manager, Lynn Long, breaks them down and takes them to the recycling center herself. Our earth is so beautiful, and we all need to do what we can do protect it.”

On the 17th of this month, you’ll find Geri wearing green to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. She and her family will also enjoy the traditional meal of corned beef and cabbage. Miss Master is getting a spring makeover this year, with a facelift for the outside of the building. “The building will still be pink, with green shutters,” said Geri. “Inside, our customers will find beautiful spring colors as well.” Miss Master is starting its 37th year of business, and Geri is so grateful for the continued loyalty of her customers—as well as her dedicated manager, Lynn Long. “We started in Myrtle Square Mall and moved to this location 27 years ago. “Our community has been good to me.”

Flavia Grainger, FLOORZ

Flavia Grainger, FLOORZ

Flavia Grainger

13313 Ocean Hwy.
Litchfield, SC
Main: 843-979-1800

Flavia Grainger, owner of FLOORZ in Pawleys Island, says spring is her favorite season. “It’s a season for renewal. After the winter and cold and gray days, nature presents us with fresh colors and warm weather. It’s a time to renovate, re-create, and restore our lives, our homes and our wardrobes. A popular spring pastime, gardening, is a favorite of Flavia’s, and she says it is her barometer to birth new ideas. “It’s in the spring, with new growth sprouting all around that I come alive. I love to dig in the dirt and move plants around, especially my bird iris bulbs.” When asked if she recycles, this businesswoman was quick to answer. “Our planet is a gift to us, and we must cherish it. We are all responsible for preserving the earth. In FLOORZ, our lines of hardwood flooring come from 100% well-managed forests, and recycling is paramount in our business.” Flavia supports “Plastic Free Pawleys,” a movement to eliminate plastic waste from this small community. “Plastics are a major source of damage to our environment, especially ocean life. This is why we choose not to provide plastic bags at our store.”

St. Patrick’s Day is a very special day for Flavia. “On March 17, 2004, our first grandson was born. Since then, St. Patrick’s Day is not only a time for our family to celebrate with friends, but also to celebrate life!” Spring is a wonderful time to redecorate, and Flavia is ready to help. “As the signs of spring appear, people begin to plan for remodeling or redecorating their homes. As spring is also my favorite time of year, I am filled with new ideas, and invest my time in choosing new materials and products for flooring, bathrooms, showers, etc. Better catch me in the spring!”

Thomas Davis, Collectors Café

Thomas Davis, Collectors Café

Thomas Davis

Collectors Café
7740 North Kings Hwy.
Myrtle Beach, SC
Main: 8843-449-9370

Thomas Davis, artist/owner of Collectors Café in Myrtle Beach, loves all the colors that spring brings, saying, “I look forward to the pink and white blossoms of my cherry tree, all the flowers that bring their colors bright, and, of course, the wild vines that explode with South Carolina purple wisteria. They all inspire me to paint with nature’s brilliant colors.” Thomas and his family live in Briarcliffe, and his wife loves to cook, so growing herbs has become a favorite hobby. “We grow my favorite, cilantro, as well as basil and rosemary, and our compost pile in the backyard gives us natural mulch for the garden.” The Davis family also regularly uses Briarcliffe’s recycling program. “At Collectors, we try to do as much as we can, but are always ready to learn new and better ways to improve our community,” said Thomas. “The beach is a beautiful place, and I want to keep it this way for my children to enjoy.”

This is an exciting time for our entire community, and Collectors Café is no exception. “I have been very busy creating a new oil painting every two weeks this winter and selecting other artists to participate in our Spring Art show,” said Thomas. “The walls of Collectors are a great place to present a new, fresh, original painting to the public. We also take advantage of the abundance of fresh vegetables, herbs and fruit grown locally and used each day at Collectors. Much of our fresh produce comes from Indigo Farms, but my business partner, Mike Smith, grows over sixty different herbs for the restaurant and brings in fresh oregano, mint and basil. Our lunch menu is wonderful. Stop by and sample these flavors and shop for a special work of art.”

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