Lisa Says… Read This Book by Maria Duenas

By Lisa Hamilton

The Time Inbetween by Maria Duenas
The Time Inbetween
by Maria Duenas

The lovely ladies at Litchfield Books assured me The Time In Between, by Maria Duenas is a great read and they were right! This very well researched historical novel of fiction that travels from Madrid to Morocco to Portugal and back again will keep you captivated and intrigued to the bitter end.

Sira Quiroga is a seemingly ordinary girl who is following in her mother’s footsteps as a seamstress, content to marry a local boyfriend and live out her mediocre life in a common neighborhood in Madrid at the onset of the Spanish Civil War. That is until she meets the cosmopolitan Ramiro who sweeps her off her feet and into an exciting life that lands them in the beautiful Northern African country of Morocco. As Sira’s unexpected inheritance is stolen by Ramiro, she is also left alone, pregnant, and in severe legal trouble in the streets of the city. With determination and some help from the most unlikely of characters, Sira reinvents herself with skills taught by her mother years before. Duenas masterfully recreates the fabrics and fashions of the 1930s and 40s and makes you think you can actually feel and see the craftsmanship unfolding before your eyes. As Sira’s business grows, so does the demand for her talent. From the aristocratic women in prewar Europe, to the Nazi officer’s wives, Sira rediscovers herself in ways that would make her family and country proud.

The Time In Between is a satisfying novel of historical fiction the reader will enjoy, and from it will learn a great deal about Spain in a time of civil unrest just before WWII. Duenas writes with detailed descriptions of wonderful characters and glamorous fashions. A beautiful story.

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  • Lisa Hamilton A native South Carolinian, Lisa Hamilton is the director of the First Presbyterian Church Preschool and Kindergarten. Of course she loves reading, but also finds time for cooking and walking her dog, Hurley.

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  1. Thanks for this suggestion. I was looking for something different to read! Always go to your READ THIS….

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