Rocking Chair Renegades: Susan Krowka

Rocking Chair Renegades: Susan Krowka

A Rocking Chair Renegade is a woman over 50 who: refuses to let age define her and is not afraid of showing the lines of life on her face… believes that the fountain of youth springs from her mind… is wise, funny, active, engaging, valuable, beautiful and definitely not finished!

Susan Krowka

Lives: Pawleys Island

Family: I live with my husband, Tom. Our daughter, Alison, 21, is a student at USC, but this semester she’s doing a “Semester at Sea,” and is traveling the world while getting college credit. Currently, she’s in India and has been to South Africa, Brazil and Mauritius. Next, she’ll visit Vietnam, China and Japan.

Occupation: My husband and I own Walsh Krowka & Associates in Georgetown. I’m a landscape architect and he’s an architect. We moved here and started our business 21 years ago.

Hometown: I’m originally from Enid, Oklahoma. Tom and I lived in Atlanta for a short time, but came here because there was a lot of work rebuilding after Hurricane Hugo.

Age: 52

Activities: To stay fit, I swim and do Zumba with my friends when I have time. I also belong to a book club—I love to read.

Loves: I love my family, nature and good books, but I especially love seeing my daughter grow into an interesting adult!

Laughs: Old “Saturday Night Live” skits, funny comments on Facebook and watching my cat, Joker, attempting to hunt!

Favorite Meal: Seafood, probably shrimp, cooked any way

Perfect Day: I would sleep in, have fun with my friends and later on, enjoy a delicious meal and good wine.

Reads: The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, by Rebecca Skloot

Spirit: Being at one with nature

Gets Excited: A good work project still excites me. I love what I do, and I enjoy meeting new, interesting, intelligent people. I like being around smart people.

Aging: It’s different than I thought it would be. I feel younger than 52. I do think it’s important to stay in shape. I’m enjoying my age!

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  1. Maggie sanders says:

    Came across your name on Internet. Just
    Moved to pawleys and may need a landscape
    Architect. 239_269-4499 thanks maggie

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