Women and Men Who Mean Business (April 2012)

Sheila Wright & Kelly Maddox, Two Blondes on the Beach

Sheila Wright & Kelly Maddox, Two Blondes on the Beach

Sheila Wright & Kelly Maddox

Two Blondes on the Beach
214 Main Street
North Myrtle Beach, SC
Main: 843-281-1089

Sheila Wright and Kelly Maddox are co-owners of Two Blondes on the Beach in North Myrtle Beach. Mother and daughter packed up and moved here from Kentucky eight years ago and opened their business. Since then, Kelly’s daughter, Charley, joined her mother and grandmother, becoming a part of the business. Charley was married in February of 2011 and gave birth to the first man in the family in December. Like many today, the family is a blended one. “We’re blended in so many ways and the best thing is that everyone loves each other,” said Sheila. Kelly and Sheila enjoy their alone time; these creative “blondes” spend it doing the things they love, including a golf game every Tuesday. “I enjoy painting new ideas on canvas, fabric and wood—whatever I can find,” said Kelly.

“We have a great time with family on Easter,” said Sheila. “Of course we have the traditional foods—ham, deviled eggs, potato salad, and we always hide Easter eggs.” Sheila’s favorite Easter memory is taking her family to Destin, Florida. “We hid Easter eggs in the sand,” she said laughing. “It made them really hard to find.”

Two Blondes on the Beach is filled with beautiful new items this spring. Sheila and Kelly are excited about their new merchandise, saying, “We have a great new line of jewelry with lots of color. Everyone loves these big metal pieces—they have lots of pizzazz! We also have a wonderful line of very flowery skirts, tops and dresses. These are not just for blondes either! Our blonde cookbooks have been very popular, so now we’re bringing in blonde aprons.”

Chiara Rizzo-Hansen, Chiara Rizzo-Hansen Interior Designs, Inc.

Chiara Rizzo-Hansen, Chiara Rizzo-Hansen Interior Designs, Inc.

Chiara Rizzo-Hansen

Chiara Rizzo-Hansen Interior Designs, Inc.
PO Box 50036
Myrtle Beach, SC
Main: 843-446-2832

Chiara Rizzo-Hansen, owner of Chiara Rizzo-Hansen Interior Designs, Inc., was married ten years this past Valentine’s day. “Larry and I work together a lot; he is a master carpenter and furniture maker. We love working together on the same projects.” When not working, the couple enjoys the simple life: gardening, grilling, entertaining, listening to music and traveling when they can. “Our family is an international one. I came to Myrtle Beach from Italy in 1984 with two suitcases and nothing else. Our daughter, Isabella, was born in Mao Ming China, and we adopted her when she was 13 months old. We call ourselves the C.I.A. (Chinese-Italian-American).”

“We usually spend Easter together at home. It is an opportunity for us to give thanks and spend time together. When the weather cooperates, we love to have a barbeque outside and play with our two dogs. Easter in Italy was more formal, but I remember my mom would always buy me a new dress for church and relatives would visit. My dad would cook chicken on the rotisserie and baked potatoes, and then we kids would go and play in the yard. I mostly remember good smells and sunny days!”

Chiara is excited about her business this spring. “We have beautiful outdoor fabrics, colorful and fresh outdoor rugs and so many new ideas and possibilities. Come see me at Rose Arbor Fabrics. I am also now doing bridal gown artistic renderings, as well as artistic renderings of bouquets, special places or other important events. I am planning to add more pieces to my “women of the world” art series and possibly do a show to benefit the American Cancer Society. That would be my dream! Dreaming is great; it took me where I never thought I would be.&rdquo

Laura Heryadi, Indo Thai

Laura Heryadi, Indo Thai

Laura Heryadi

Indo Thai
980 82nd Parkway
Myrtle Beach, SC
Main: 843-692-7000
47A DaGullah Way
Pawleys Island, SC
Main: 843-314-3543

Laura Heryadi, owner of Indo Thai, Sushi, Hibachi, in Myrtle Beach and Pawleys Island, is not married, but is the mother of three daughters. “I work long hours, and it’s all for my children. My oldest, 19, is studying at San Diego University and the younger girls are 7 and 6. All three are so smart and make me very proud.” Laura’s sister, Lilly Gorirossi, manages the Myrtle Beach restaurant, but Laura does most of the cooking for both. “I have very little time for myself!”

Laura came to the United States from Indonesia in 1991, and did not grow up celebrating Easter, but loves making baskets to surprise her children. “I fill them with chocolate, Easter bunnies and eggs; it’s a lot of fun.” As a child growing up in Java, Laura and her family celebrated spring with Lebaran, a Muslim holiday. “I remember having beautiful new clothes and going with my mother to take food to the elderly. At every home, we would get coins, this is called Pitrah, or giving of the coins. By the time we were finished, we would have a pile of coins to spend on candy and treats! This holiday is about giving thanks, much like Thanksgiving in the United States.”

Indo Thai is preparing for a busy summer and is already seeing visitors enjoying our beautiful spring weather. “My customers always say they have found a new favorite restaurant when they come to Indo Thai. Everyone has dishes they prefer, but I encourage my guests to try something different. Usually, when they do, they find another ‘favorite’ dish,” said Laura. Lilly agrees and told me, “Recently, I convinced one of our regular customers to try a salmon dish. I prepared it myself, and she was so pleased!”

Nancy & Rich Kreidler, Rice Paddy Restaurant

Nancy & Rich Kreidler, Rice Paddy Restaurant

Nancy & Rich Kreidler

Rice Paddy Restaurant
732 Front Street
Georgetown, SC
Main: 843-546-2021

When I asked Nancy Kreidler how long she and her husband, Rich, have been married, she laughed and told me, “Now you want me to count?” The couple, co-owners of Rice Paddy Restaurant in Georgetown, has been married for 32 years. Nancy told me Rich’s strong moral compass is one of the most special things about him. “If Rich says he’ll do something, he does it. You can always depend on him.” As a long-married couple, the things Rich and Nancy like to do together have changed throughout the years, but now they enjoy doing crossword puzzles together. “It requires that we approach the same clue from a different angle, and one of us will eventually get the answer.”

Before moving to this area, Nancy and Rich lived near family, and Easter was a big celebration. “My house was the one everyone came to for holidays, and I always cooked ham and my grandmother’s recipe for macaroni and cheese served with stewed tomatoes.” Nancy’s favorite Easter memory is the year Easter fell on her birthday. “We had a big family gathering at my grandmother’s house. My mother made my cake and, for the candles, she blew out eggs and filled the shells with paraffin, making Easter egg candles.”

When asked about her restaurant, Nancy told me, “We have a couple of new menu items at the Rice Paddy, but we want to stick with the things our customers are comfortable with and have grown to love. There is not a lot of change in staff because we have the best servers along the Grand Strand. The Rice Paddy has the same fun attitude! We want our customers to have a great meal and walk away with a big smile because they were treated well and were able to have fun socializing with their friends in a relaxed atmosphere.”

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